Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren Attend Daughter's Soccer Game; Lindsey Vonn Waits in Car

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Thanks to yesterday's surprising Facebook "coming out" of sorts, the gossip world now knows for certain that Lindsey Vonn is dating Tiger Woods. Awesome.

He's also made strides with Elin Nordegren of late.

The former spouses both came together to cheer on their 5-year-old daughter Sam at her youth soccer game yesterday, according to reports.

Eye of the Tiger Woods
Lindsey Vonn in Peach

Lindsey, 28, stayed in the car at the Jupiter, Fla., venue as Tiger, 37, and Elin, 33, sat at opposite sides of the bleachers, trying not to attract attention.

It's the second time in a month they came together for a sporting event, however, and they've even been seen talking to and smiling at each other.

Crazy, we know. After the events of 2009-10, it's impressive.

Time heals all wounds, we suppose, as do new romances. Elin is reportedly dating Chris Cline, though we don't expect any Facebook confirmation of that.

And they all lived happily ever after? We can only hope.


I think Elin is prettier.


i am a painter.so i want the job of painting.


It's really nice to see people acting like people for a change, and trying to be pleasant with each other. Sure wish my ex-wife could at least try some of that pleasantness for a change instead of acting like a


They look exactly alike !


he wants to marry her again mrs lindsey


Is it me or doesnt Lindsay and tigers x look an awful lot alike? kinda creepy ., but oh well....I hope the Tiger trio can get it together to allow the tiger cubs to enjoy their childhood. Divorce and new relationships are hard especially on children. Now by
lindsay taking a back seat(no pun intended)to the family event that shows class,


I wish tiger Woods the best with his new girl friend v


From one hot blonde to another...GO TIGER.


LINDSAY VONN IS A --------> S L U T !!!!!

@ Vlad

How do you know, Mr. Vlad, that what you have just posted is true or not? Have you met the young lady? Are you related? Do you have family or even sports in common? No??? Well, then, you should certainly proud of yourself for stating something that you have any business stating. I do not know your sisters, or mother, or wife, etc... But, I certainly hope that they are not referred to as SLU S today or in the future.


In my new posting from a few minutes ago, I meant to put the word go in-between the words to and off. It should have read to go off. Once again...MY BAD!!!!! One last thing: More and more, Tiger seems to have a thing and/or obsession with blondes. Just a thought..........

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