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Adrienne is such a tacky bitch. Doesn't anyone remember the Christmas tinsel she wore in her hair on her entire first season? Who shows up at a party crying about how your kids want you at home? Go the fuck home then stupid! She projects all of her faults on everyone else, attention seeker, fame whore, shit talker, selling stories, fugly swamp pig.

@ Duh

Totally agree. The ONLY reason Adrienne showed up was to draw attention to herself and try to put a damper on Lisa's festivities. A total bitch loser. Lisa has more class in her pinky finger than Adri-yawn has in her entire botoxed body.

@ PauletteB

No this is a reality tv show. Adrienne was contractually obligated to show up to the " last Party" of the season. She did not want to be there. Every housewife franchise has a closing party that serves as the final scenes for the season and everyone shows up. Think of the last show on the RHOC everyone even past season cast shows up to the party. And don't forget the Table flipping dinner of RHNJ. Sometimes there is real drama during these season closing parties but Adrienne showing up was more about fulfilling her episode requirement before she quit.

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