The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Easy To Hate

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gave fans "A Shot Through the Heart" Monday night when a party celebrating love ends up filled with haters.

We break down al the friends and foes in THG's +/- review.

Yolanda Schools the Housewives

It's yet another party as Adrienne launches her Zing Red Velvet Vodka complete with half naked, spray painted women hawking the beverage.

Plus 12. Go big and tacky or go home.

She and Paul are their normally snarky selves which makes the following morning's announcement all the more surprising…but we'll get back to that.

Brandi and Lisa bow out of the latest shin dig. Well, Lisa bows out. Brandi was never invited, yet her presence is still felt.

These women can't seem to stop themselves from talking about Brandi Glanville and this time the culprit is Marisa. Minus 15.

Is Marisa finding her inner mean girl to become more relevant? Is she causing drama to find a permanent place on the Housewives sofa next season?

She shows all the ladies a text Brandi sent her saying that maybe her marriage needed a hall pass to save it and she's totally shocked by the suggestion.

Minus 22. Really? This from the woman who talks about shagging other men in front of her husband! Hmm…I wonder how Brandi got the wrong idea.

Then it becomes a Brandi bashing fest once again as Adrienne, Faye, and Camille are quick to get in there digs. Minus 15. Besides botox and tanning, it seems to be their favorite sport.

But Yolanda to the rescue. The only Housewife with serious backbone calls them out on bashing Brandi Glanville behind her back. Plus 25. Go Yolanda!

The next morning, the big news hits the airwaves. Paul and Adrienne have filed for legal separation.  The funny thing is they looked no different the night before than they ever have.

Kyle laments that her friends personal life has to be paraded out on celebrity news site TMZ. That's the price of a life in front of the cameras.

But on to the next party…

Kevin Lee delivered as the back yard was romantic but not overdone, but did we really need to see him in his boxer briefs? Minus 9.

Everyone files into Villa Rosa for Ken and Lisa's vow renewal ceremony. Plus 30 because after 30 years these two really do seem to be madly in love.  How often do you see that these days?

An additional plus 10 to Kim who looked especially nice in that black dress. Sobriety agrees with her.

However, Taylor looks like she really needs to lay off the botox for a while. Her face simply doesn't move any longer.

One of the best moments of the night was when Yolanda calls out Marisa on her two faced bullsh*t as she tries to cover her Brandi bashing with the girls the night before. Plus 22. I really love Yolanda. I hope she sticks around for next season.

I couldn't believe Camille as she cheered on Faye Resnick. Camille's not willing to go toe to toe with Brandi herself but she certainly finds her inner mean girl whenever her name comes up. Minus 14

Speaking of next season, I hope Camille flies off on her broomstick along with Adrienne.

When Faye enters the party it's like a dark overly tanned cloud blocks out the sun. Is that skin or pleather? It's getting harder and harder to tell.

Why is she even here? Is she crashing? I can't imagine that Lisa invited her. Faye is like the stray Housewife looking for scraps and nipping at Brandi's heels.

Once again, Yolanda is the stand up woman in the room. She never raises her voice, never curses but tells Faye very clearly that she's not welcomed in their conversation. Plus 40. If Faye wants to take lessons from a lady look no further.

I only wish Faye would walk off the end of Lisa's infinity pool and never return.



Thank goodness for Faye and Marissa standing up against the real trash bullies of beverly hllls. Everytime vanderpimp and brandi get together it is for an Adrienne bashing session. The woman is hardly on the show anymore, and they still can't move on from their petty grudges. It is so boring watching Lisa and Brandi, and we need Faye and Marissa who are not afraid to stand up to those 2 losers!

@ RuthIsraeloff

Over 90% of the comments on the internet are in agreement that Adrienne is an ugly bully who is manipulative, sneaky, entitled, and self centered. Her whole purpose of being on the show is to push products like a cheap used car salesman. Every comment about Faye is that she is classless, a fame whore, and a bully who needs to mind her own business. Lisa is so beloved, they are giving her her own show. Most people seem to love Brandi who is amazingly beautiful, fun and very honest. Seems like you are a minority, or on Adrienne's payroll.

@ RuthIsraeloff

LOL. Brandi cannot even fight her own battles. Yawnlonda or Vanderplump have to be at her side so she can finish a sentence! Everyone knows she is hot after Marissa's husband and he would not give her the time of day!!! Lisa is the most boring person on the show anymore, and I notice she does not come to Brandi's defense like she did before.

@ RuthIsraeloff

Bah ha ha! Are you trying to be ironic? First, Meek Marissa did not stand up to Brandi. Rather, she "trashed talked" her behind her back, and recoiled like a simpering wimp when called upon it. And Faye was also not standing up to anyone. Rather, she attacked without knowing the facts and spread malicious gossip. Did she do the aforementioned for any sense of righteousness? No, she is auditioning for the last role of her lifetime, an audition which she did not pass. Finally, calling Lisa and Brandi losers? With a spin off show, appearing on DWTS and a top bestselling book, we should all be such losers. Your comment, Miss Ruth Less, makes no sense.

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