Teen Mom 2 Recap: Kailyn Lowry Gets Physical!

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This week on Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry got physical with Javi Marroquin and it was all caught on camera, leading to one of the show's most controversial moments yet.

Read all about that and more in THG's official Teen Mom 2 recap ...

When Javi moved in with Kailyn, they not only merged finances, they merged pets, lives, kids ... it's all a little too much for them to handle it seems. Minus 40.

Javi refuses to keep the dogs out of the house because there’s a hole in the fence and they get out. So they jump up on Kailyn's friends and they get pissed.

Soon, the argument over this escalates to surprising levels.

Kailyn shoves Javi’s head down and hits him, and tells him she hates him. She feels bad right away and apologizes, but he storms out. Wow. Minus 160.

While Javi is gone, Kailyn has a wakeup call that she does need anger management, which a court ordered after her fight with Jo Rivera. Plus 100.

Finally, Javi cools off and comes back, saying he will work with Kailyn while she works on herself and keeps it all under control. Good guy. Plus 60.

And Minus 90 for MTV clearly implying domestic violence in the season's big trailer when it the events were not QUITE as bad as they appeared.

Yes, Kailyn Lowry's actions were suspect, but she realized it and is getting help for it, and the couple is okay. No need to make that look SO bad.

Meanwhile, Jenelle Evans is back with Gary Head! Yay!

Gary has been taking care of Jenelle after her breast surgery, and the two are getting closer than ever. Minus 30 because we know how this goes.

Barbara thinks they are doing such a good job, she asks the couple to watch Jace for her on Saturday so she can work. WHOA! SLOW DOWN!

After Gary skips out, Jenelle is on her phone the entire time and ignores Jace. She won't even give Jace a bath. What a mess of a mom. Minus 170.

Not surprisingly, it's epic fight #123 for Jenelle and Babs, who ends up calling Gary to come over and watch the toddler. This is very, very normal.

Plus 50 for Gary being probably the least disastrous of the men in Jenelle Evans' life. Not high standards, we realize, but gotta give credit where due.

Barbara lectures Jenelle yet again about how she smokes too much weed, is irresponsible, etc. Plus 50 to Babs for having to deal with all this.

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert are officially back together and their engagement is back on, so that means it's wedding planning time! Plus 30.

Little Ali meets with her physical therapist, and is making good progress! Plus 20.

Leah is setting boundaries with Corey - co-parents and nothing more - and Corey is finally moving on from Leah too. Crazy. Actual mature decisions. Plus 50.

It's still Leah, of course, so that means fast-tracking everything. She wants to wed Jeremy Calvert like right away. Anyone surprised? Even a little? Plus 40.

Chelsea Houska, with the help of awesome dad Randy, gets a new place to live and gets ready to start practicing on actual clients at work! Plus 20.

Her first updo at the salon? Not really all that terrible! Plus 10.

Life's good for our girl until her friend Megan - a young mom herself - reveal Adam Lind has a girlfriend, this despite the fact that he just slept with Chels.

Chelsea understandably does not want Adam playing house with Aubree and some random girl. Plus 40 because for all her issues, she's right here.

Adam takes it a step further, serving her court papers over custody in an awkwardly-worded letter he puts in her mailbox. What an ass this guy is. Minus 90.

Chelsea clearly has the upper hand in any custody fight with the tool, but merely having to go through it is majorly stressful, and uncool on his part.

Hang tight, Chels. And don't be afraid to have Randy kick his ass.



My recap: Leah: Hey, Corey doesn't wanna be with me, so now that I'm back with my second choice, he can buy me a house. Jenelle: Owww I'm huuurt take caaare of meeee I can't dooo anythiiiing. I'd rather be on my phooooone. Chelsea: Daaaad I wanna mooooove! I'm too picky about apartments that I'll live in for the next 6 weeks to a year! Everything has to be exactly the way I want it! Me me me! Kailyn: My heart was aching for her in this episode. Like, I can't even make fun of it. She was DREADING this episode coming out and she was so embarrassed. Of course there's the usual haters who have to take a serious situation that has no room for joking around about and they have to go insult her online. But luckily most of her fans understood. Javi should have listened to her when she said to put the dogs up. Sure they couldn't be outside with a hole in the face, but that's what the dog crate in their dining room is for. He should have put the dogs up. And she should NEVER have hit him. But I can understand her frustration at all the chaos. Seriously, I'd have gone nuts too! It is interesting to note that Javi didn't actually leave her- the guy was out back fixing her car. Now that's love! I'm glad she has worked on their anger issues and that Javi is supporting her. Anger issues are a bitch- I have them. It has NEVER escalated to the point of violence or damaging property, but it's a daily struggle. The anger is directed at the world in general rather than the people around me, so I don't have it quite as bad. The best thing to do when angry is to remove yourself from the situation and calm down. I usually go for a drive. Kailyn's been working on her anger issues and she and Javi seem to have a great life together. Very proud of her for that. Now, back to the first three- Jenelle is just crazy as always. I REALLY want to see this girl find happiness and have a good life, but every time we think she's heading the right direction, she's right back to square one. She needs to be removed from all of the bad influences in her life. Babs is a saint for putting up with her and she has a really hard time because of it. Her heart is breaking every time she sees her daughter go down the wrong path again and again. She just wants her to be happy. Leah totally made it look like the only reason she got back together with Jeremy was so he could buy her a house. Maybe more time passed than MTV lead on, but it was extremely sudden. I hate that, it makes it look like she's just using him. And maybe she was, at first, but we can look at them now and see what a great relationship they have and how it's turned into something more. I adore Chelsea, but she was acting like a spoiled brat in this episode. (She tends to do that sometimes.) Her dad is just trying to help her and she thinks she knows best. Take it from someone who's learned it the hard way about parents advice regarding home purchases/moving- sometimes dad DOES know best and his advice can save you a lot of hardship. She needs to learn that a year lease on an apartment is not the rest of your life, and not every place she lives has to be absolutely perfect. She's got the rest of her life to have her dream home! First, she needs to get through school and find a decent guy. (Seriously, why does this girl never date anyone but loser Adam? She's so gorgeous.)




Just fix the fence already


Wow! She really lost it. The poor child

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