Shayne Lamas Hospitalized For "Marital Stress," Nik Richie Partying to Blame

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Shayne Lamas was hospitalized Tuesday, citing - wait for it - marital stress.

The former Bachelor winner and owner of celebrity gossip site The Dirty have been laying their marriage on the line recently in couples therapy.

Guess they may need to find a different therapist.

Shayne Lamas, Nik Richie Picture

Things have gotten so bad between the two that the blonde beauty was hospitalized Tuesday for “marital stress,” according to Radar Online.

Their third wedding anniversary is right around the corner - not a bad run considering that their wedding date, April 18, 2010, was also the day they met.

Shayne Lamas gave birth to their daughter, Press, in 2011.

No word if Press has signed with an agent yet.

The root of their marital problems? Nik Richie supposedly being a jerk and partying non-stop, while Shayne is stuck at home looking after Press.

Ironic, since Press is all she wanted ever since The Bachelor.

“2013 has pretty much been non-stop drunken and debauched revelry for Nik, and Shayne is just falling apart on her own,” a source close to her said.

“People think that because they married so quickly that it isn’t a real relationship, but it is – or at least it is to Shayne. They have a child together."

"She’s a mom, that’s so important to her… and she’s tried to be a wife to Nik too, but he’s such a selfish prick that it’s pretty much impossible.

Nik has this excuse that he has to be out there at the clubs partying, that it’s essential to his career and it’s the way he earns money, but it’s like non-stop.

“Shayne can have a jealous streak, like a lot of women, but Nik really does nothing to quell it – in fact he loves all the attention from women that he gets."

"It feeds his massive ego and makes him feel on top of the world. He’s always been cocky and big headed but that’s just gotten worse ... he’s the total sh!t"

“He’s a married guy with a baby and if he doesn’t get his act together soon and start paying attention to his marriage, he won’t have one anymore."

“Shayne has been beside herself the past few weeks, she’s feeling overwhelmed, she has no idea what Nik is up to half the time, and feels neglected."

"She literally broke down emotionally and had to be rushed to the ER. That’s got to stop. She truly loves him, no doubt, but a woman can only take so much."


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Nik has avoided my attempts to contact him and in 3 weeks I will be having his baby boy!!! I hope you see this NIk, just because I'm all the way over in Australia doesn't mean you can avoid your responsibilities - Do you really want your son to grow up without a father??

@ Chanel

Doubt it, fucking skank hahaha. Pathetic.


They look like they are brother and sister. Gross.