Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici: Waiting Until Marriage!

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Sean Lowe's proposal to Catherine Giudici on The Bachelor finale Monday night was pretty magical stuff, but just you wait until their wedding night.

They're waiting until then before getting intimate.

The Bachelor Sean and Catherine
Sean Lowe, Catherine Giudici People Cover

In People's cover story, the good-looking couple (who have been airbrushed to high heaven for no reason) explain why they're waiting until marriage.

"From my perspective, I've lived life kind of selfishly for a long time," says 29-year-old Sean, who is a conservative Christian and "born-again virgin."

"Now, I'm going to try to live the way I know to be right."

For Catherine Giudici, the reasoning is even simpler.

"I honor him," says his 26-year-old fiancee.

While the reality stars now can't wait to get to the altar - they say they're getting married soon! - there was a time when Catherine wouldn't say "I do."

Or was at least nervous about it.

"I was skeptical about truly falling in love with somebody because it's such an unnatural experience," she said. "[My best friend] signed me up against my will."

Catherine added that going on The Bachelor and meeting Sean "obviously shattered those [fears] pretty quickly and found the man of my dreams."

These two sure seem like they have it together, don't they?

What do you think? Will it last?

Chantel cole

Give it a year and see where they are. To be honest I don't think it is going to last. She is to liberal and he is a christian conservative


The most beautiful "proposal" ever..I cry every time I watch it,such a Cinderella story in real time...sighhh...Can't wait for their Wedding on TV,both so very Lucky and Blessed..They truly deserve all of it..Not to mention what a sensual looking couple ...Beautiful genes..Gorgeous Babies..Yeah..Love that..The "WHOLE THING"!!!


Lovely couple, did not need phtoshopped. Give them a chance. They are the most genuine couple from the bachelor that we have seeing for a long long time. MB


..........Virgin Atlantic is making history, folks!!


Seems like sort of a contrived insult to genuine, sincere love. They will not be getting along within 1 year.


Really? Who cares... Report on something more interesting than this tramp's un-tapped vagina...

@ Jered

Jered, judging by your comment and language you sounds like you've never experienced true love or may never have true classy gorgeous smart woman like Catherine would even consider an unequal man such as must be very goofy looking and have no "passion" in life.

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