Sarah Palin Likens Obama to Bernie Madoff, Drinks From Big Gulp, Jokes About Gun Rack

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Sarah Palin spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) yesterday and certainly did not disappoint the faithful who came out to see her.

Among the highlights of her 26-minute address:

  • Likening President Barack Obama to Bernie Madoff.
  • Mocking New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his support of a jumbo soda ban (and busting out a Big Gulp in mid-speech for effect).
  • Talking about her new gun rack from Todd.

Palin also railed against her own party for trying to "put on a fresh coat of rhetorical paint" instead of “restoring the trust of the American people.”

“Now is the time to furlough consultants,” she said, echoing a commonly-heard refrain. “If we truly know what we believe we do not need professionals to tell us.”

She broadened her criticism to include the government as a whole, chastising the “permanent political class” who are in “permanent campaign mode.”

Sarah Palin saved her most vitriolic quotes for Obama, of course.

“He is considered a good politician,” the 2008 Republican VP nominee said, referring to Obama, “which is like saying Bernie Madoff was a good salesman."

"The difference being, the president is using our money.”

“Step away from the teleprompter and do your job.”

She even waded into the most polarizing of policy debates: gun control.

“Background checks? Yeah, I guess to learn more about a person’s thinking and associations and intentions. More background checks?” she said.

“Dandy idea, Mr. President ... should have started with yours.”

The former Alaska governor declined to run for president last year and decided against renewing her contract as a political commentator on Fox News.

Her influence within the party is subject to debate now, but she said she speaks for “the heartland of America" in saying "things are bad out here.”


I just love reading comments from guys living in their mother's basement about a woman who actually works for a living and would pee in their pants if they were confronted by her

@ Michael

Yours is an amusing (if not idiotic) observation. Firstly, why would you assume that a commenter who disparages Palin is living in his mother's basement and would piss himself in fear if confronted by her personally? Speaking for myself, I can say that I've been working full time since I was seventeen, put myself through college and if given the opportunity would gladly confront Palin personally and tell her that she's an imbecile and a joke to her smug face.


Ironic that all the commenters posting about SP are negative who point out that she is a hater.


I think Sarah palin need to check herself before she talks


It takes a woman like Palin to stand up like a all you liberals that complain about hate speech....well...that is all your side knows...fiscal cliff? gun control? just bash the are the biggest hypocrites on this side of the planet...look at your namecalling...ninny, demagogue, horse with broken three are acting like adolescent boys with your ARE the uninformed voters

@ Gary MacGuyver

I've been around a long time. Voted for reps and dems. I don't care about politics, I care about family, kids, grandkids, life. I think you and all the people who belittle others for their opions (including SP) need to get a life. Bottom line, Obama is not as bad as the right claims, and he's not as great as his cheerleaders claim. This country is on the brink of destruction for my grandkids because of the hatred from both sides. Nothing works because neither side allows listens to the other. You stop learning when you stop listening.


First, Sarah Palin is a joke. The tone of disdain for her in this article (from a publication I've never heard of before) really shows how weak all of these liberal media people are. I mean nevermind that our country currently is sitting on 16 trillion dollars in national debt thanks to Obama, Sarah Palin is running her yap again! I love how all the criticism of her speech revolves around comments she made about reducing the scope of government control. Well maybe whoever wrote this article is dumb enough to need the government to manage their every move but I'm a grown man and I don't. Additionally, if you socialist fascists out there think that the evil private corporations are victimizing people, just wait until the federal government actually has the type of control
you want. Just check out how hard of a time Eric. Holder had answering the question about the constitutionality of using DRONE STRIKES on AMERICAN CITIZENS on AMERICAN SOIL.


Why would anyone care what this half-term quitter governor have to say about anything? She's a moron.


By allowing such a low IQ clown to speak to a national convention, the republican party has rechead
another self inflicted low exhibit of desperation, and demonstrated its lack of substantial ideas.


haters going to hate. and I am talking about the posters here.

@ paperburn

Thanks for bringing nothing to the discussion.


Palin is funny. She's also an idiot.


Good God- when will this woman go away? I am so sick of hearing about her, and to be honest when I hear her voice, it's like nails on a chalkboard to my ears.

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