Rihanna in Elle UK: I WILL Have a Child!

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Rihanna recently remarked that she wants to procreate with Chris Brown ... okay, she just said have kids. But one can't help but make that leap in one's mind.

Her new Elle UK cover story should further fan the flames.

Rihanna Elle Cover (UK)
Rihanna Elle UK Cover

The star - who posed for not one but two covers of the British fashion magazine - offers a sound bite that is guaranteed to have people buzzing today.

"I will have a child," Rihanna proclaims in the April 2013.

The issue hits newsstands March 6 ... and you're sort of intrigued about the full context of that quote, as well as what else she says, aren't you? Of course.

Well played, Elle UK. Effective tease.

Do you think she'd be a good mom? Will she and Chris would be good parents? Or are a good long-term fit? Is she really the most beautiful girl in the world?

Sound off in the comments below.

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I think they're gonna have a perfect child. They're not bad parents because together they're adorable! I love them and I think they'll be perfect together. Besides they're gonna have an adorable baby! :-) Love them both!


i agree that her and chris brown will make good parents i don't think they are all that bad together. they both just have a little growing up to do. as far as the most beautiful girl in the world just my opinion Beyonce will forever hold that title.


Her and her brother's head looks bulbous or cephalic. You go look it up.


I love Rihanna and CB and I am so happy they are reunited. Just waiting on the marriage and the child(ren). Your life Ri, be happy.


........curious how it looks like.

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