Pope Francis and Jeffrey Tambor: Celebrity Doppelgangers!

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If there is ever a movie to be made about Pope Francis, we have found its lead.

The 266th head of the Roman Catholic Church, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, is a dead-ringer for Arrested Development star Jeffrey Tambor!

Take a look at His Holiness and the actor who plays George Bluth Sr. Below ...

Pope and JT

Tambor is eight years younger than Pope Francis, 76, but there's a definite resemblance, no? You'd have a hard time finding someone who better looks the part.

You'd also have a hard time reading these Arrested Development quotes and not laughing aloud. You're welcome, L.A. casting agents and AD fans alike.


haha that's funny they really do look alike. if the show was still on the air they should ask the pope to make an apperence.........


psssst: the Twins are back in town?

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