Patti Stanger: Engaged to David Krause Probably!

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Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger is probably engaged to David Krause. They are pretty tight lipped about this but all signs point to yes.

They tried to deny it last week on Good Morning America, claiming the rock on her ring finger is a promise ring. However, the reality star hinted:

“But maybe watch the finale, and you’ll see something.”

David Krause, Patti Stanger

For celebrity gossip source, that's the key indicator.

“Of course Patti’s trying to save the news for her show because she wants all the ratings she can get, but they’re absolutely engaged,” a Radar source says.

“She’s teasing the season finale, that’s already taped."

"Whatever shows on it has already happened!”

Patti, 51, and David, 44, met on an online dating website nearly one year ago and already live together ... even if she doesn't practice what she preaches.

Not only does she dote on the guy, he's not exactly the kind of great catch that she'd be boasting about to her Bravo clients, from the sounds of it.

According to Radar insiders: “When they travel David just has to show up. Patti’s people already have bags packed for him with brand new clothes.”

“Patti doesn’t just spoil David. He has two teenagers; she bought his daughter her first pair of Louboutins. David and his family are pretty much set now."

"He’s a mortgage broker but with the economy flop, work hasn’t exactly been booming lately. So his relationship with Patti couldn’t have come at a better time.”

“Personally, he’s kind of broke right now. Patti spoils David by jet-setting with him all over the place on fun trips and pampers him with lavish gifts."

Whatever, it's not like anyone takes her show and its 5% success rate seriously anyway, so maybe going against her own advice is a good thing.

Congratulations you guys!


So what happened?! The Season Finale aired and no proposal after Bravo aired about a ZILLION commercials all Fall & Winter showing David dropping to one knee and Patti being totally surprised. It NEVER AIRED! Have they broken up?! That's terrible on Bravo's part. Talk about a tease!


He is one ugly dude.


Blah blah blah blah.


Patti looks happy, that's all that matters.


What a hypnotic! What a joke also! A "world class matchmaker" and she has to go to a internet dating site to meet someone, give me a break. As for living together, I can't remember how many times she preached against that in some form or another.
Her show has slipped over the years and I guess she needs a "big" announcement to help the falling ratings. If she's third generation matchmaker, why didn't she go to the 2nd for help?


People, just wish her luck and move on. I don't believe even half of what you have written. I also guarantee you he has some money or she would dump him and run. She hasn't had bad luck dating, she could find another.


First off I think she looks great for her age. Secondly, her boyfriend is NOT a good looking guy in the least. Sorry, but he looks scary....


wow, what a snarky article. All those comments about him being poor and her paying for things, implying he only likes her for her money? so low, below the belt. could you get any snarkier?


She is 51 ?!?!? She looks fantastic.


I have my concerns due to the fact that she's 7 years older than he is, and also because there is such a vast difference in terms of what each of them brings to the table financially. Usually, these two issues don't bode well for long term marriage success. He did seem like a nice enough guy when I saw him with her recently on "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen, so hopefully they will beat the odds and have a long and happy life together. A man would need a very strong ego to survive a relationship with a super-type-A woman. It sort of reminds me of Jason and Bethenny's situation, except this one has the added pressure of him being so much younger than her. Best of luck!

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