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It blows my mind to see people get angry and throw such nasty comments at these parents! Maybe you people haven't seen the teen years! Don't you think these parents have tried talking to her! When you dont have anymore privileges to pull and you still get nowhere...what would you rather them do...beat her ...just not give a shit?????
I Give these parents a lot of credit...I might have to resort to something like this one day! (Gosh ...it's not like they even left her alone on some street corner...her dad stood there with her!)


This is not proper punishment, public humiliation will not work. You are sending a mixed signal. you teach her things and have to undo what the world is telling her, yet you present her to the world for her faults? The way I see it, This says we do not care what the world thinks, yet we are gonna present you to the world to let them know your faults. So I guess every time a parent doesn't pay a bill, or is late on rent we should go out and hold a sign? Or if your late to work your boss should make you stand in front of the entrance and let the world know you were late today? I think not. This is cruel, might as well smack her in the case. The whole world now knows of her one fault. God is merciful and as parents, we should be too. Therefore, think of something else as I am tired of parents who humiliate their kids. This is abuse, mental abuse. You might as well punch her. There are better ways I would not treat my dog the way you treat your own child. Plus she is sad, maybe you should help her deal with the family loss and you too need to deal with it. Try to get christian counseling, not worldly, ands ee if this helps. You are in our prayers!

@ Texas45

Tracy are you kidding me. They were at their witts end. What was the next draw them visiting her in prison becasue she didnt think she did anything and didnt have to listen to her parents. I say good for them. That is why thay are so many adults who thing they can do anything because their parents were worried about their privacy, or emotional well been instead of trying to make them aware of their acctions and let them know that there are consequesnces for bad behavior. Case in point the two football guys who went to prison for rape, they knew better but thought they were above everything else.


Good for them!!
If you had to deal with a rebellious teen you would understand if you haven't, SHUT UP!

@ Tracy

Telling people to shut up doesn't work Tracy. See what I'm doing Tracy? Still talking, Tracy. I have to deal with rebellious teens occationally and I don't feel the need to resort to abuse to get them to not be an ass, Tracy. I try to understand what it is that is causing their behavior, Tracy, and then I make sure they don't feel alone, TRACY


For those who say they went "too far" and they should have "talked to her" probably don't have rebellious teens. I have a 16 yr old daughter and talking, and enforcing, and taking stuff away - doesn't always work.


Psycho parents. Public humiliation is never the right way to treat a child. Isn't it enough that children get bullied in school? Now they have to take it from their parents as well?

@ Anne

Anne, since when did bullys say "You are SUPER SMART!!" If more bullies did that we would have a great society. Her parents did fine. They know their child the best. It was all the idiots passing by who decided that taking a picture and posting it was the best choice. Since when is everything for you to post on your Facebook page? The parents didn't do that, the public in their town did. There is a reason that kids these days (Steubenville rapists and friends of theirs) are so arrogant and entitled. It is folks like you who think that teaching your child responsibility and consequences is a bad thing.


I completely support these parents. This is much less then anything I would have gone through if I was disrepectful to my parents or any other adult and just played in school. The teen needs to realize that first, everything she does now - every decision she makes now - will affect her life as an adult later. Her parents are simply trying to teach her to make good decisions and be a better person. Second, if she wants to show disrespect to her parents then maybe she should realize how the rest of the world sees her actions. Good going parents and let the haters know they are welcome to take your children and raise them and feed them and cloth the any time.


I think the parents went to far they should have talked to her. Instead of embarrassing the WHOLE family!

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