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Rob Kardashian now has something in common with Justin Bieber.

Looks? Popularity? Talent? No, no and no.

Both celebrities are under investigations for recent actions related to their temper.

Rob Kardashian Birthday Gifts

According to TMZ, Rob went off on a photographer yesterday after the woman snapped a picture of the reality star shirtless.

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Angelina Jolie is not married, she says, despite a curious ring switcheroo.

The actress sparked speculation when she swapped her $500,000 diamond engagement ring for a simple gold band during a humanitarian trip to the Congo.

Brad Pitt, Cane

This was logically done so it wouldn't get lost or stolen, but given that this is Angelina Jolie, speculation ran wild that she married Brad Pitt on the down-low.

Not so. She denied this personally yesterday, which means one thing:

Across the U.S., gossip magazines still have endless subject matter.

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A photo of an Olive Garden receipt - for a free meal given to a family shaken up by a house fire - was shared on Reddit as a simple act of human kindness.

Now it's been picked apart and accused of being a sham.

Olive Garden Receipt

"My brother, wife, 3-year-old daughter and I went to Olive Garden after a recent house fire at my parents," Reddit user Tanek42 wrote on the site Tuesday.

"When the manager asked how everything was, my daughter said, 'Grandpa's house burned down.' We talked for a bit. Here's how we received the bill."

Total balance due: $0.00.

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Bikram Choudhury - the founder of a type of popular type of Yoga - is being sued by Sarah Baughn, a former student of the icon, for sexual discrimination and harassment.

Bikram Pic

The lawsuit alleges that Bikram made numerous unwanted advances against Baughn and that she "fought him off when he sexually assaulted her."

She claims she was subsequently "punished and threatened" for her actions.

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Buckwild's Salwa Amin has been arrested a second time in connection with the West Virginia drug raid last month that turned up oxycodone pills and heroin.

Amin was hauled in Wednesday on a bench warrant, which was issued after the moron allegedly blew off a court date stemming from the first arrest.

As a result ... dueling mugshots!

  • Salwa Amin Mugshot
  • Salwa Amin Mug Shot

Salwa Amin was arrested the first time for drug possession following the February raid, in which she and a friend were both busted for intent to distribute.

They are accused of transporting oxycodone and heroin to sell it. Serious. Now that she's been arrested again, Amin remains in custody without bail.

So worth it.

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Following her shocking departure from Dancing With the Stars due of a back injury, skating legend Dorothy Hamill says she is still feeling the pain.

And not solely in her back.

Dorothy Hamill Eliminated

"My injury is still bothersome with the pain and numbness that go with it," Hamill said in an interview Wednesday. "But I'm really feeling a huge loss and sadness."

In one of the most dramatic moments in Dancing With the Stars results show history, Hamill appeared on the stage just before someone else was voted out.

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My Girl is about to have a girl.

Or a boy, we suppose.

But actress Anna Chlumsky - forever known to many for her role in the aforementioned 1991 film, but who will also return to HBO on April 14 for Veep Season 2 - is expecting her first child with husband Shaun So.

Anna Chlumsky Photo

“I’m feeling pretty good so far,” Chlumsky tells PEOPLE. “I was really lucky - I did not have any morning sickness which was great because I was working.”

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Actress and Democratic political activist Ashley Judd announced Wednesday she will not challenge Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) in 2014.

Judd tweeted the news last night.

Judd Tweetz

Sources told The Washington Post that "the timing just wasn't right" for a Judd Senate campaign, though McConnell was clearly wary of a potential Judd bid.

Another insider said the 44-year-old actress was "95 percent there" on a decision to enter the Senate race but had "gone back and forth in recent days."

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The man allegedly behind multiple cold-blooded shootings in Aurora, Colorado says he will plead guilty in court if it means he will be spared the death penalty.

According to The Associated Press, attorneys for James Holmes told prosecutors today in court that their client will own up to the horrific crimes of July, 12 2012 in exchange for life in prison.

Opposing counsel is reportedly weighing the offer and will speak to families of the victims before responding.

James Holmes Pic

Holmes was arrested for murdering 12 people during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises last summer, while shooting an additional 58 individuals.

He has been charged with 24 counts of first degree murder and 116 counts of attempted murder.

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