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Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, sister Khloe will raise see your latest tabloid covers and raise you this hilarious tale:

She's pregnant! But she doesn't know the identity of her baby's father!

OK! Weekly hints strongly that Khloe is knocked up (she isn't), while also playing off Star's previous claim that she's having an affair with The Game (she's not), leading to a cover for the ages:

Khloe Kardashian Pregnant Claim

"Several of [Khloe's] friends are convinced she is nearly eight weeks pregnant," an insider claims, adding that "all the signs are there. Khloe’s been doing everything by the book. She’s been taking all the right vitamins and folic acid, exercising regularly.”

Well then. She's clearly expecting.

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What the heck is wrong with Amanda Bynes? No, seriously.

The actress' behavior has bordered on bizarre for about a year now, but reached a fever pitch this month with Twitter talk of Drake murdering her vagina.

It's not just Bynes' weird Tweets, either. Far from it.

Amanda Bynes Pierced Cheek

She's been charged with a DUI and a couple of hit-and-runs. Last year, neighbors complained that the star's Southern California home was "dilapidated."

She's begun to isolate herself from the community.

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What Would Ryan Lochte Do? A new E! show asks that very question, and the result looks completely ridiculous, even for a network that employs Kim Kardashian.

"Don't duplicate," the Olympic swimmer urges. "Just recipitate."

And with that, we give you this amazing extender trailer:

The nearly-five-minute What Would Ryan Lochte Do? preview shows him showing off his "Lochte edge" shoes (whatever that means), partying, training, etc.

In addition to gratuitous ab shots and footage of Ryan hitting on girls, we're also treated to pearls of wisdom from the athlete, who has his own catchphrase.

"If you say it like how it's spelled, it's 'jeah.' But that's boring. No one wants to hear that. So you really have to put that enfidence on that 'J.' JA-EAH."

Consider yourselves smarter for having experienced this.

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Chris Brown is an artiste, and not just in the recording studio.

In addition to being a Grammy winner, he's also a painter!

  • Chris Brown Paints
  • Chris Brown Spray Paint

Armed with cans of spray paint, the R&B star absolutely went to town on the side of a building in Miami - with permission of course - and it was awesome.

Photographers snapped pictures as Brown tagged the wall, and we have to say, the man's got some serious skills when it comes to art as well as music.

Check out the finished product after the jump:

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The 17th season of ABC's The Bachelor has ended, with Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe engaged and (hopefully) headed for the altar later this year.

The show's lawsuit with the perennial thorn in its side has also ended, as NZK Productions and "Reality" Steve Carbone have reached a settlement.

Sean Lowe FTW!

Steve was sued before the 16th season, starring Ben Flajnik, but that too was settled. But then he posted spoilers for each of the past two seasons.

As a result, Steve was charged with breaching the settlement agreement, and responded with anti-SLAPP motion, asserting 1st Amendment protection.

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Lindsey Vonn is on the cover of Us Weekly this week alongside her boyfriend Tiger Woods, who she may or may not be cheating on with Kris Humphries.

She is supposedly in love with a sex addict.

Lindsey Vonn Us Weekly Cover

As a wise man once said, all men are sex addicts - some just choose to have respect for their partners. His "sex addiction" was likely a crock all along.

Still, the central question is whether Woods has changed, and whether Vonn can trust him after he cheated on Elin Nordegren with anything that breathed.

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Yesterday, Jenna Wolfe broke the exciting news:

She is dating Stephanie Gosk and she is expecting her first child!

But now that the NBC correspondents have announced their relationship and their impending new family member, one question remains:

Who is the baby's daddy?

Jenna Wolfe Picture

"The rumor is that it's Lester Holt," Wolfe joked in an interview with E! News, adding that it wasn't Matt Lauer's, either, and that the couple will be keeping the paternity "under wraps."

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On the American Idol Top 8 performance show last night, Janelle Arthur separated herself from the pack.

And so did Burnell Taylor, Devin Velez and Lazaro Arbos... but for a very different reason.

Taking the stage as a trio and covering the Motown classic "I Can't Help Myself," these three were met with rather harsh criticism from Nicki Minaj, who railed:

"I don't know what that was, but imma act like I ain't even seen it, or heard it! Imma thank God that all three of you already had your solo performances. Lazaro, you fell as flat as a pancake. Don't ever do that again. All three of y'all, go! GET OFF THE STAGE!"

Did Minaj over do it? Watch now and decide for yourself:

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