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Emergency crews are searching for a man and woman who jumped into the Big Sioux River in South Dakota to try to save a six-year-old child.

The boy is safe, but Sioux Falls authorities said on Friday that the effort to find the two adults is now considered a recovery and no longer a rescue mission.

The man and woman jumped into the river near Sioux Falls around 6 p.m. Thursday after the young boy fell in, according to local NBC affiliate KDLT.

The woman is related to the child but is not his mother.

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Clearly, a lot of big Hollywood names will be gunning for roles in Star Wars Episode VII. But some are more excited than others.

Total Films compiled a video of interviews with some big stars talking about J.J. Abrams and whether or not they'd accept an offer to be a part of Episode VII. There's Mila Kunis, Nicholas Hoult, Rachel Weisz, Joss Whedon, Eli Roth, Mark Wahlberg, and tons more.

You may be surprised to hear who is less excited about the idea of being part of a timeless franchise. Check out the video to see for yourself:

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Charlie Askew performed live on Thursday's American Idol results show, just week after a performance that sank his dreams of winning Season 12.

Here's Askew's rendition of "Sky Blue Diamond" from last night:

While he did not advance, Charlie Askew was the big story last week, butchering "Mama" by Genesis and then breaking down on stage in a sad, profound moment.

Ryan Seacrest, pro's pro that he is, handled it brilliantly, telling Charlie:

“You’ve got some friends here. We appreciate your courage and your honesty. There’s nothing easy about having those feelings inside and having to do that tonight,"

Askew proved him right last night, no doubt.

Meanwhile, Curtis Finch Jr. was ousted.

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Miss American Mallory Hagan is firing back at online critics of her weight.

The 24-year-old former Miss New York is responding to various tabloid reports that she's packed on the pounds since winning the crown back in January.

Long story short? It's not easy maintaining a flawless figure, people!

She still looks amazing, but the haters are out in force. To which she says:

"I think I'm human, and I'd like to equate getting ready for the Miss America pageant, you know, to getting ready for a boxing match," she said on Anderson.

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Sorry, UNC Harlem Shake video.

You've just been one-upped.

While the Maryland men's basketball team was taking on Duke earlier this winter, the whole student section performed flash mob and Harlem Shake routines.

The atmosphere at Comcast Center is known for being off the hook, and the Terrapin fans lived up to their reputation on this occasion. Fear the turtle ...

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Henry DiCarlo got Bart Simpsoned this week.

KTLA weatherman Henry DiCarlo was reading off a list of birthdays when he came upon 10-year old "Hugh Janus," sending out well wishes to that young man… until his colleagues started to crack up and DiCarlo realized he got "punked."

Cue non-stop, on-air laughter, following by DiCarlo offering up the following assurance: "Hopefully there's not a 10-year old with that name out there."

Watch the tremendous clip now and be thankful someone on set was up to date on his Simpsons quotes:

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Kim Kardashian is totally in love.

With Kanye West? Probably, sure. But with Khloe Kardashian's new puppy? Most definitely.

"I'm so in love," Kardashian wrote on Instagram yesterday, including with that caption a photo of herself and the adorable canine:

Kim Kardashian: Doggy Style

Seriously, this new family member is so darn cute that we aren't even going to make a "Kim Kardashian does it doggy style" joke here.

It would be easy to do so, but we'll refrain.

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Lindsay Lohan is pissed at Justin Bieber for calling her out in his epic rant Thursday, saying his cheap shot was both immature and totally unnecessary.

She's absolutely right, but when the Bieb basically said that Lohan is the epitome of a walking disaster, he wasn't off base from a factual standpoint.

Prosecutors are itching to use her track record against her, too.

Lohan in Court Picture

When she goes to trial next week for allegedly lying to cops after her car accident, the D.A. will attempt to introduce evidence she's done this all before.

Prosecutors are convinced that beyond being a pathological liar and menace to society in general, LL has pulled the same crap numerous times.

Essentially, telling cops she wasn't driving when she totes was.

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One American Idol results show down involving the Top 10 of Season 12, one shocker in the books.

To the surprise of many - Nicki Minaj very much included - Curtis Finch Jr. was given the boot from this Fox competition last night, as the judges did not vote unanimously to save him and viewers did vote to say goodbye to the aspiring artist.

Curtis Finch, Jr. Eliminated

In an exit interview with reporters backstage, Finch shared his thoughts on the experience and the ousting:

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Daniel Craig is the anti-Kim Kardashian in every way.

He's never made a sex tape, he possesses true talent - and he REALLY does not want you to take his photograph.

The latter point was on display inside a supermarket this week, where a fan tried to snap pictures of 007 and his wife Rachel Weisz only for Craig to scream: “Is watching me food shopping with my wife really all that interesting to you?”

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz Photo

A witness them confirmed to The Daily Star that Craig grabbed the young man's cell phone and "it looked at one point like he might even destroy," according to the newspaper.

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