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Mariah Carey has gone au natural in a new Twitter photo.

The American Idol judge - who is rarely seen without being seriously dolled up - went in the opposite direction this week in celebration of World Wide Lamb Day, which is apparently a thing.

"Love to all the lambily!!! #WWLD," Carey wrote as a caption to the following image.

What do you think of her makeup-free look?

Mariah Carey No Makeup

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Oh, Tyler Perry's Temptation, where to begin? You were written in a single night, right? On Red Bulls and Adderall? Or during a fever dream with not just a Telenovela, but the worst Telenovela - whatever that would be - playing on double-speed in the background?

Please tell me I’m getting close.

Temptation Poster

That Temptation was made is confounding. That it was made by one of the most successful and recognizable filmmakers alive is terrifying.

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Under fire from the Twitterverse and other TV analysts, Doug Gottlieb has issued an apology for his "white man" joke last night.

The former Oklahama State point guard was discussing the NCAA Tournament with four African-American colleagues when he quipped that he's just around to bring the "white man's perspective to the set."

The line didn't exactly go over well, as you can see in the following video:

At first defending the line as a "joke," Gottlieb was forced to be a bit contrite after criticism poured in, most pointedly from ESPN college football reporter Mark May, who Tweeted that Gottlieb should be "canned" and added:

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Justin Bieber has millions of fans worldwide.

But the wife who has accused Bieber of battery is most definitely not among them.

With multiple sources claiming Bieber spit on neighbor Jeff Schwartz because the two were arguing over his dangerous driving habits, Schwartz's wife has talked to TMZ - and totally slammed the popular artist.

Sweaty Justin Bieber

"He's a punk. He thinks he's invincible," the woman says of Justin."He can't continue to have a bunch of enablers around him."

Adding that Bieber has not apologized for the incident, Suzie Schwartz added: "Spitting on someone is unacceptable. He can't do this to people."

Those close to JB deny the hocking of any loogies, but a landscaper across the street from the confrontation has backed up the neighbor's account.

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Give at least one eBay user points for creativity.

With Jim Carrey under backlash for posing a Funny or Die video (below) that calls out gun owners and mocks former NRA President Charlton Heston, someone on that website posted an signed picture of the actor Wednesday.

Read the listing: “Jim Carrey Autographed 8X10 Photo So I Can Afford a Gun!”

A black-and-white shot of Carrey with the inscription "“Spank you very much!," the item had attracted 103 bidders at one point and the price had been driving to $860.

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A couple of the loudest voices in the Republican party have spoken out this week on the issue of gay marriage.

First, Bill O'Reilly came out and sounded very much like a marriage equality advocate, saying all legal arguments were on the side of homosexuals in this debate.

Now, Rush Limbaugh has sounded a very different tone, admitting that gay marriage is "inevitable," but blaming Democrats for how they have messed with the important language of the topic.

Rush Limbaugh Photograph

"I don't care what the Supreme Court does, this is now inevitable," Limbaugh said of the the Prop 8 deliberation. "And it's inevitable because we lost the language on this."

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She has gone on to enjoy a successful acting career, but Katharine McPhee was back on the stage that made her famous last night.

The GORGEOUS former finalist was featured on the American Idol results show alongside OneRepublic, belting out a terrific version of the track "If I Lose Myself."

Watch the fun duet now:

As for the actual results... did you agree with the finalist sent home? Vote in our Idol poll now and sound off on the country's decision!

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Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose treated themselves to their first night out as parents this week, sharing the experience with fans over Twitter and Instagram.

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose Instagram Pic

"I'm having my first drink tonight since I had Sebastian.... I'm gonna take @snooki's advice & take it easy," Rose Tweeted Wednesday night.

Yes. That's always the smart thing to do. Follow advice from Snooki.

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In a word: WTH?!?

An oral surgeon named Dr. Wayne Harrington may have given thousands of patients HIV and/or a type of Hepatitis, the Tulsa Health Department reports, after a raid of his office uncovered atrocious sterilization practices.


The state dental board is looking into this disturbing case and the federal Drug Enforcement Agency is even getting involved because a patient who tested positive for Hepatitis C and HIV claimed her only recent risk factor was a dental appointment.

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Well, this was awkward.

During a segment of CBS' college basketball pregame show tonight, Doug Gottlieb was asked for his opinion on something related to the NCAA Tournament and - surrounded by Greg Gumbel, Greg Anthony, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley - cracked:

"I'm just here to bring diversity to the set here. Give the kind of white man's perspective on things from the point guard position."

Did the quip go over well? Not exactly...

When asked via Twitter about the random comment, Gottlieb defended it as a "joke."

But do you think he was really kidding? Or actually felt out of place in some way?

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