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Sometimes a girl's gotta look good.

A new video shows murder suspect Jodi Arias - in handcuffs, and in a police interrogation room - primping her hair before her mug shot was taken.

The video, culled from surveillance tapes in June 2008, shows Arias wearing a dark shirt and light-colored pants while sitting on the floor, pre-mug shot.

Rubbing her eyes and whipping her head back to ensure her hair isn’t cascading over her eyes, she wants to make sure her booking photo is top notch.

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Another hockey player has snagged another famous hottie.

We've really gotta start losing some teeth.

Jarret Stoll, a center for the Los Angeles Kings who was formerly engaged to Rachel Hunter, has confirmed to E! News that he and the Fox Sports correspondent have been dating for awhile, even sharing the couple's recent Valentine's Day plans.

Erin Andrews in Blue

"We went for a nice dinner," said the man who often sees Erin Andrews nude. "We spent that day out in Malibu, it was like the day before [Valentine's Day]...had a great day out there and then had a nice dinner out here by the beach."

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Jake Davidson, the high school senior who asked Kate Upton to the prom, was being interviewed on Today when who should call in but the model herself.

"It was incredible. I was like, elation, I don't even know the word. It was surreal," said the 17-year-old senior at Milken Community H.S. in Bel Air, Calif.

He was describing how it felt to actually hear the Sports Illustrated beauty respond to his now-famous Kate Upton prom YouTube invitation this week.

"I was, like, Wow, this is actually happening?" recalled Davidson, who was being interviewed on Today when Upton called in to tell him she would "love to go."

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Well, this at least explains why Jay Leno is hating on NBC so much these days.

For the second time in a couple weeks, a report states that the network will not resign The Tonight Show host when his contract expires next year, setting the stage for Jimmy Fallon to take over the iconic program.

Moreover, according to The New York Times, Fallon will move The Tonight Show to New York.

  • Jimmy Fallonin a Tux
  • Jay Leno Close Up

The show has not aired in Big Apple since it debuted with Steve Allen in 1954.

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A New Jersey family is considering legal action after their home was raided by authorities responding to a Facebook photo of their son posing with a firearm.

Four local police officers and two officials from the New Jersey Dept. of Children and Families showed up at the Carneys Point, N.J., home of Shawn Moore.

The officials demanded to see the homeowners’ guns.

Facebook Photo Raid

This all started when Moore, a firearms instructor, posted a photo of his 11-year-old son holding a rifle (legally owned, above) on Facebook Tuesday.

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Lindsay Lohan is apparently dating Avi Snow, a New York musician and club promoter. According to E! News, Avi plays guitar for indie band City of the Sun.

  • Lindsay Lohan is a Hot Mess
  • Avi Snow Pic

The new couple has only been together for a few weeks and their budding romance is said to be in "the early stages," but they are totally together.

Quite literally this week.

He's been by the actress' side throughout the recent drama - a missed flight, a private charter, a plea deal that kept her out of jail, a nightclub visit, etc.

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Kim Kardashian truly loved Kris Humphries back in the day and never had any intention of frauding him into marriage.

So the reality star swore Tuesday in her nine-hour deposition, which took place in Los Angeles at the office of her attorney, Laura Wasser.

Kim Kardashian Out of Her Car

Details are still leaking out regarding the testimony in this terse Kris Humphries-Kim Kardashian divorce case, but sources tell TMZ that the former did not even show up for the proceedings.

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Bobby Brown is already a free man. He's out of jail, already. So much for that 55-day sentence ... guy didn't even last 55 hours in there, or even close.

Bobby Brown Singin'

Despite turning himself in to jail for his third DUI conviction (and second in just seventh months), he just served a grand total of NINE HOURS in jail.

He checked in at 9:58 a.m. Wednesday and was out by 6:58 p.m. 

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Some guy became a viral star this week after denying his girlfriend ice cream not once, but twice at an NBA game ... hey, it was mint chocolate chip, okay?

The poor girl just wanted a small taste, but without ever taking his eyes off the enthralling Magic-Pacers tilt, Ice Cream Guy and his beard were NOT having it.

The NBA "analysts" back in the studio had way too much fun deconstructing this clip, and the duo's clearly troubled relationship, afterward as well.

Take a look at the video breakdown below:

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The American Idol Top 9 tackled the Fab 4 this week.

Yes, it was the annual Beatles songbook-themed night for Candice Glover, Burnell Taylor and our other Season 12 finalists.

Which contestants stand the best chance of moving on?

Glover was her typically excellent self on "Come Together," but she may have been overshadowed by two other female hopefuls:

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