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Jodi Arias left a cheerful voicemail, and sent both a text message and a long email to Travis Alexander on June 4, 2008 ... after she had killed him.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez showed this to the jury Thursday in ending his cross-examination of Jodi Arias, who is charged with first-degree murder.

Jodi Arias in Court

On the upbeat voicemail Arias left hours after leaving Alexander’s body in his shower, she shot the breeze for a bit, then invited him to see Othello with her.

"Let me know. Talk to you soon. Bye!” she concluded.

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Venezuela's V.P. denied rumors Thursday that Hugo Chavez has died, but didn't paint a pretty picture of the nation's president's health, either.

Quite specifically, Nicolas Maduro said Chavez, who is currently in Cuba, "is battling for his health, for his life, and we're accompanying him."

H. Chavez

Besides implying Chavez is still alive, he implied a lack of progress. In late 2012, Maduro said Chavez "is fighting a great battle ... for his life, for his health."

Two months of battling for life is not encouraging, even if a new poll says nearly 60 percent of Venezuelans believe Chavez will recover and return to power.

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Lindsay Lohan's attorney will be back in court Friday for a hearing in the actress' latest criminal case, as discussions continue about a possible plea deal.

The 26-year-old isn't required to attend. She's too busy partying.

Just kidding. Although that may not actually be far off at all.

Li-Lo! Li-Lo! Li-Lo!

The hearing is intended to deal with any issues before a March 18 trial on charges that LiLo lied to police about a car crash and was driving recklessly.

Attorney Mark Heller has tried to bargain on his client's behalf, but Lindsay rejected a plea deal that would have required she go to rehab for 30 or 60 days.

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Is Octomom Nadya Suleman on the verge of hitting rock bottom?

Sources close to the mom of 14 say she's been exhibiting increasingly bizarre, dangerous conduct of late ... even by her lofty standards of such things.


For one, there's the fact that Octomom is using marijuana. Legally, but still. Medicinal drug use for a woman who has had drug addiction problems? Suspect.

When said woman also has 14 kids? Potentially scary.

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Justin Bieber celebrates his 19th birthday today. We'll wait for the squealing to calm down before we continue...

The opening two months of 2013 haven't been ideal for this young artist, who officially split from Selena Gomez to start the year; got embroiled in a pot smoking scandal; feuded with Patrick Carney.

And, oh, right: he wore this hat.

Patrick Carney.
Biebs in England

But Justin's legion of Beliebers remain loyal and the leg of his current European tour remains the hottest ticket on the planet.

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The semifinalists are on American Idol Season 12 are finally set.

Last night, the final quintet of men were named, as the 10 remaining contestants with penises squared off in a Las Vegas-based Sudden Death round.

Who would be joining the previously-revealed 15? And take to the live stage next week to sing for your vote?

Scroll down for a list of the final five, along with the tracks they belted out last night, and sound off on their inclusion in the Top 20:

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Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman bonded over basketball yesterday, with the former NBA star telling the North Korean dictator "you have a friend for life."

Seriously, this happened.

Kim Jong Un, Dennis Rodman

Rodman, 51, who is filming a documentary with U.S. media company VICE, is in Pyongyang along with members of the famed Harlem Globetrotters.

"The Worm" spent quality time with the reclusive North Korean leader - a big fan of his as a kid - dining on sushi and drinking with him at his palace.

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Christian Slater has finally tracked down some true romance.

The actor announced on Jimmy Fallon this week that he's engaged to Brittany Lopez, sharing a hilarious story of how they met and what he thought of his now-fiancee at the time.

Christian Slater Picture

After witnessing Lopez get down on one knee in front of a woman at Little Palm Island Resort near Miami, Slater explained:

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Girls Gone Wild is bankrupt and seeking Chapter 11 protection.

The video empire is more than $16 million in debt, with the bulk of it owed to casino mogul Steve Wynn, according to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court filing.

Joe Francis, Girls Gone Wild

GGW management says the company has less than $50,000 in assets and fewer than 50 creditors, the biggest being $10.3 million from Wynn Las Vegas.

Joe Francis' attorney Robert Yaspan did not comment on a string reports that the Sultan of Smut hopes to avoid another multi-million lawsuit from Wynn.

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