Olivia Wilde to Justin Bieber: Wear a Shirt!

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Allow us to speak for millions of young ladies around the planet as we deliver the following message to Olivia Wilde:


In a Twitter message Friday, the actress addressed a certain young singer - following the latest Justin Bieber shirtless stroll, this one around London - and commanded him to don some clothing.

Shirtless Justin Bieber
Olivia Wilde in Blue

Wrote Wilde:

"Bieber, put your f--king shirt on. (unless you lost all your shirts in a fire in which case my condolences and please purchase a new shirt)."

It's unclear exactly what Wilde is thinking here, considering:

  • Bieber was also suffering through the worst birthday ever.
  • Who would ever ask Justin Bieber to wear a shirt?!?

You don't see us going around lamenting Olivia Wilde nude photos, do you? Come on.


he needed to put a fucking shirt on no one needs to see his ass/underwear so she had a point that he needed to put a shirt on and no cares if he had a
bad birthday his the one that got himself there he
can't keep a promise on not cheating on a girlfriend
that's why Selena dumped his ass I would do the samething if I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me no one should feel sorry for him he needs to grow-up


she's telling him to wear a shirt because he's got the chest and arms of a toddler.....when he develops, then complain


I'm with Olivia - wear a shirt, you silly little boy. Believe me, London in February is neither the place nor the time to be slouching (is it just me or does anyone else think he might be morphing into an orangutan - can't he walk upright?) around without a shirt. And please, for the love of God, pull up your trousers - we really don't need to see your underwear, I think it's pretty much taken as read that you can afford it and wear it - no proof necessary. Soooooooo much growing up to do.


1. She wrote that before he tweeted "worst birthday"
2. She maintains the right to say what she wants in this free country with "freedom of speech"
3. She gets paid to look a certain way in movies and photo shoots; Justin was just walking around in public in 32 degree weather.
4. She's not entirely wrong...he could pull up his pants too while he's at it.


AND PULL YOUR PANTS UP!!! That look IS NOT a cool look!! No one wants to see your tiddy whiteys!!


She's right. He looks like an idiot


he likes to be seen as a kindergarten-promoter.

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