Nicki Minaj Slams American Idol Act: GET OFF THE STAGE!

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On the American Idol Top 8 performance show last night, Janelle Arthur separated herself from the pack.

And so did Burnell Taylor, Devin Velez and Lazaro Arbos... but for a very different reason.

Taking the stage as a trio and covering the Motown classic "I Can't Help Myself," these three were met with rather harsh criticism from Nicki Minaj, who railed:

"I don't know what that was, but imma act like I ain't even seen it, or heard it! Imma thank God that all three of you already had your solo performances. Lazaro, you fell as flat as a pancake. Don't ever do that again. All three of y'all, go! GET OFF THE STAGE!"

Did Minaj over do it? Watch now and decide for yourself:


U lot can attack Nikki and to be honest I'm far from her biggest fan, BUT a lot of what she says I'm sure most, including the judges agree. She has the ability to find out fake artists, people that don't keep it real to themselves. U think if I was on the show that anyone cod tell me what direction to head in?? NO WAY!!! why go on the show if u have not realised what sort of artist u want to be and don't have the self confidence to flow it through. Confidence is key


To be fair Nikki is right!!! The performance was awful, SMH! The only one that held it up was Burnell and he wasn't great all I can say is Candice is on a different level all she has to do is master song choice and not listen to the judges or mr Ivine


Just think. Nicki Minaj is a great judge but not a great singer as Keith Urban and Mariah Carey are. Maybe Nicki Minaj is the black female version of Simon Cowell on "American Idol".


Nicki is a foul mouthed bully. She has her chosen favorites and that is it. If the ones on stage are not her favorites then she doesn't care about them. She needs to pack her diva bags and carry her ass off the stage and out the door never to be seen or heard from again.


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@ malcoms

WTF? What's with the jibber jabber?


Wish there were some way to vote Minaj off the show. Most of the time, it sounds like she is drunk. She slurs her words and rambles incoherently and inanely. Her patronizing tone is so offensive that we are forced to mute the TV when she speaks. Her disgraceful self-obsessed behavior detracts from the great performances.


How dare this piece of garbage tell anyone to get off the stage. SHE should get off the stage..,....permanently. I refuse to watch as long as she is on the show. I can't figure it out....does she have a speech impediment or some other problem? She has the all time worse speaking voice.


nicki..get a life just becuse you got so much money macking your tashey are no roll molder 4 my kids half of philly dis like you lol at that one,,,,


You guys are crazy not to save Devon Velez, in all reality little Ricky Ricardo ( Lazaro's ) should of been off the show weeks ago, especially when he blew Kelly Clark's song, he and forgot he words when they performed as a trio, I for one will not watch this show again are I will spread the word as much as I can, the judges should of saved Devon, I would love to see Lazaro sign that song It's Impossible the way Devon sang it, Bring him back he deserves to be there not Lazaro.

@ Dennis

Truthfully, no one cares if you watch anymore. Nuff said.


Nicki was justified in telling the fellas to get off the stage. The judges chose a select few to be among the Top Ten, and this is how the fellas perform on national television? These guys are suppose to showcase why their talents brought them to A.I. and they only shamed themselves.

@ 1980

Two of the guys were pretty good until Lazaro for got the words to the song and fell apart, he should of been gone long ago, you can't let his handicap give him a win, Devin blew Its Impossible out the park

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