Morrissey Slams Beyonce, Claims Bags Lead to Rhino Extinction

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Morrissey is at it again.

The British indie-rocker continued his random, don't-give-a-f*%k string of celebrity feuds, this time taking issue with Beyonce of all people. At issue?

Her handbags. Seriously.

Beyonce Red Carpet Picture
Morrissey Live

During an L.A. concert Friday, the 53-year-old outspoken vegetarian singled out Bey for her bags, saying she is personally contributing to rhino extinction.

Out of nowhere? Over the top? You bet. That's Morrissey for you.

The former Smiths frontman, who also made the Staples Center go meatless for the show by shutting down McDonald's, scolded Queen Bey on stage.

Before launching into the song, "Meat is Murder," appropriately.

Morrissey's been on a ROLL of late, launching into a tirade against Prince Harry and the British royal family, and bailing on Jimmy Kimmel last week.

The singer nixed his appearance on the talk show because the cast of the duck hunting reality hit Duck Dynasty was scheduled for the same night.

Lest you think he just does all this to make news, he sold out the 20,000-set venue, where he was introduced by Patrick Dempsey of Grey's Anatomy.

Yes, you read that right. With Morrissey, there's never a dull (or predictable) moment, and no one is safe from a morose missive or verbal indictment.

Until every last celebrity eats only vegetarian recipes and eschews animal products, don't expect him to censor himself. Dude possesses no filter.


FUCK morrisey and abe! i bet ten rack$$$ if I met abe girl and mama I could play golf with them bitches.FUCK them in all six holes wit my BIG BLACK POLE! yo abe yo girl and mama a be swingin on my monkey bar you punk bitch!


When you buy fur it directly contributes to the extinction f vulnerable species, the author of this article might want to try some research on the subject. Morrissey ROCKS!


god bless all of those people who stick up for the animals. shame on them that buy and wear it.


JAY-Z looks like he fell from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down....Roll over JAY-Z tell SEAL the news.


Of course, there are always going to be controversial people in this world. It does not matter who you are, what you are, and where you are. You cannot escape from the harsh reality.


I don't know why HG is sneering at Morrissey - because he's absolutely right. I think that Beyonce & Jay are very decent (and likeable) people with more than obvious talent but I truly don't think they realise the facts behind some of the products they wear. There was a picture of Beyonce's trainers in a publication last week. They were made from lizard skin, ostrich and a number of other exotic pelts. Some of these creatures were skinned alive and I am absolutely certain that Beyonce has no idea about that. I found it heartbreaking. Some press diss Morrissey for his beliefs, but a lot of what he says is fact. I am sure if Beyonce (and other comfortably-off people) saw the start to finish of the making of some products she would change her mind about buying.

@ yasdnil

She has no idea? In this country? Right. Not unless she's been living under a rock.


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This is for abe he is such a racist dog.


Sorry to see where Beyonce going same route as Kardashians. Never enough money and must have no matter the means or ends. A pity!


Who cares! Beyoncé is still on top and you got to love her!

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