Miley Cyrus: Jilted by Liam Hemsworth!

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Miley Cyrus says everything is all good between her and Liam Hemsworth.

But the latest issue of Life & Style claims otherwise.

Miley Cyrus Tabloid Cover

The tabloid confirms that Hemsworth and January Jones really did make out at a pre-Oscars party on February 23, adding that the action got especially heated in the middle of the shindig.

"January was clinging to Liam, saying, ‘You’re so handsome,’” a witness tells the magazine. “He kept saying, ‘We can’t do this here.’ Then they left holding hands and went out in the hallway and were making out. She was wasted. It wasn’t good."

That doesn't sound good!

The pair were then supposedly seen rushing into a waiting car together at 2:30 a.m. We shudder to think what (or who?) went down from there.

Miley is freaking out,” a friend tells Life & Style. “She’s been telling her friends that she trusts him, but if she finds out the cheating claims are true, their engagement is over.”

And adding fuel to this contentious fire? Cyrus was spotted out yesterday, sans engagement ring!!!


I know this is immature, but screw it, nobody is mature all the time. If I were her, I'd just do the same thing right back.


Hmm. Ugly Miley or gorgeous January???!! Tough one, Liam!! I guess young love never doth run smoothly!!


I doubt that they are going to get married or even stay together if they marry. I knew that Liam and Miley weren't going to last. I see Miley going down the road of Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan.


Liam will be lucky to dump this chick. She is way too wild for a nice guy like him. She can only go downhill from here……...


This guy Miley was engaged to will be wise to dump her. This girl can only go downhill from here. Way to wild for a clean cut guy like Liam.

@ Jere

You're such an old stick in the mud. I'm willing to bet that you have zero love life. Which is why you spend much of your time and energy on frivolous gossip headlines. Get a grip and a freakin' life you moron!


We have loved Miley for a long time but she has been a bit wild lately. Heard earlier that this guy orders her around. Get over it, Miley some people aren't worth the effort.

@ meggor18

Spoken like a true sexist. Tell me, why are you so called "men" so damned afraid of a woman's sexuality as well as her ability to be wild and free? Why must you "men" try to either judge it, make little snide remarks about it. And eventually run away from it? You do realize how cowardice it makes you all look. But I shouldn't really be surprised after all the times have changed and men are nolonger real men anymore. Some of it is our fault. Because we woman were so busy trying to prove our own self worth, that we forgot to teach you boys how to treat us the way we each deserve to be treated. Truth is, there are no real gentlemen nor gentlewomen of the world. And I suppose we boys and girls at heart have to just settle for less in a world full of cowards; hellraiser's and loser-ass handicappers that get left back when all the good that's still left get taken. Thanks for listening.

@ Marianna

What do you deserve? You're not dainty little princesses. This is the feudal era. You are human beings just like men, capable of taking care of yourselves. Our society needs to instill that message more. If a man treats you nice it's because he cares for you and because you treat him well too. Its quid pro quo. Not because you innately deserve it. You do not have a god given right to be treated better than anyone. No one does. I'm not a sexist bi fully believe in feminism and all equal right, but radical feminism is bull &$#* and many women don't understand the real intent of feminism. It's not superiority, its simply equality. They b1tch and preach and it ruins the message.
Get off your soap box, step into the real world. The world where you, Oprah, the president, the pope and i are all equals. Status, privilege and money no, but as human being we are the same and all deserve the same respect and rights.

@ Marianna

For your info, I am not a "men." I am a female. This is the second time he has been accused of cheating by the media - I say dump him. Why the tirade on men - they have the right to their opinions - even if they are wrong most of the time.


If this true I am sorry for Miley who appears to be blind sided. These forever engagements so popular in Hollywood can't be a good thing


Best she finds out now instead of after marriage
and a kid or two. Papa Cyrus is Prolly not happy.


Who is this January Jones?


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