Miley Cyrus: Desperate to Reconcile with Liam Hemsworth!

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With the Miley-Liam split generation buzz across the Internet, a new report confirms that Liam Hemsworth cheated on Miley Cyrus with January Jones.

But also claims Miley is the one desperate to make up with her wandering man.

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Miley is "an insecure girl who’s terrified of losing him and will do whatever it takes to make their relationship work,” a source tells Radar Online.

Hemsworth is accused of getting way too close with Jones at a pre-Oscars party on February 24, but the insider says Cyrus likely blames herself for this transgression.

Miley can be a super jealous girl and feels like she probably pushed Liam away."

Insiders say Hemsworth isn't a fan of Miley's wild ways and that she may need to "tame" herself to make their relationship work.

“On the outside Miley likes to appear like she’s bad-ass and nothing bothers her," says a mole. "But on the inside she wants to be loved and doesn’t think she could ever snag another guy as amazing as Liam.”


Dude, why wouldn't he cheat on her? I mean.. he does it once and his reward is that SHE puts all HER energy into making the relationship work and may possibly blame herself? Obviously he's in a cheater's paradise. He can be with anyone he wants to now.. She's proven conclusively that he'll get away with it time and again... It's women like this that make us all look stupid.


I'm sure "cheated" does not mean he slept with Jones.. They probably had a cheerful and cozy conversation, which Miley got mad at him for.. They probably quarreled, she said some stuff which she didn't mean, just to look like she doesn't care and afterwards she changed back to normal and felt regret.. I'm the same when it comes to my man.. I tend to just freak out if I see him chatting and laughing with another woman, when he's just being friendly.. I would yell at him, we would quarrel and I would even say everything's over, when I would just like him to tell me he would never touch another woman.. I know it's not right, and feel very guilty after it happens. But, however, I'm already 10 years with my boyfriend now and we still love each other.. I hope they'll get over what happened and get back together:)

@ dodo

not that i rely on gossip as a decent source (but with these freaks it's the only source peasants like us have) but the gossip mill says that they were making out quite heavily. Jealousy is a very damaging reaction. (My boyfriend and i both have ample friends of the opposite sex and are fine with it) But this is not jealousy. This is her reacting to him skanking around with a woman that's old enough to be.. well at least a MUCH older sister. Miley can't compete with a woman of 35. Women in their 30s are better in the sack than any other decade. And it sounds like Ol' Hemmy knows it.


There is No-Way that Miley is this weak! I do Not buy it for 1 second! I only wonder when she will wake-up and see that---SHE is the 'Amazing' One! Not him. Liam is just the extremely Lucky guy to snag Miley's heart...To get that---he is one of the luckiest men on earth. If Miley thinks otherwise,that would make her mentally deficient. And Miley,happens to be Very bright. She just refuses to look within herself and see what some of us see both inside and out---Miley is amazing and special,and---No-One can Detract from that,but Miley herself...She was THE Supergirl BEFORE Liam and she will be nothing short of Awesome AFTER Liam...Hollywood---out...

@ Hollywood

amazing women do not let their fiances lie to them or cheat on them. Open relationship? Awesome. That's not cheating. But I doubt very highly that's the case here. It's obvious miley's very insecure judging on what she has done to her appearance lately. I'm sorry but if you can't see the insecurity oozing out of this silly child then .... wow.

@ helena

Most of what you said I agree with. Insecurity though, Millions have it. Only so many have the inner strength to overcome it. Miley has it,or she would never have accomplished all did before Liam. Just because you can't see-it---doesn't mean that it isn't there...That's just on you...I KNOW it's within her! I've seen it,and I know what I'm talking about...Real power is in Overcoming what threatens to crush us. For everyone has a fear or psychosis that we have to face and deal with every day. One of two things happens: You either rise-up and wrestle it into submission(cause it never goes away completely---it's a part of us) or,we let it run rampant until it at some point over takes us, and destroys us...The only question which remains is: Which group of these do you want to be in? Many make the right choices, and many,sadly---do not...There's also a saying that goes; 'Can't see the forest for the tree's...I can see the way many underestimate Miley,so the forest is apparent to me. You, however---can only see the tree's. This is based on you making the flawed statement of calling Miley only a 'silly child' when I have very little doubt that she has probably accomplished already far more than you will in your entire lifetime...And YES 'amazing women' throughout history have went through this and far more and far worse,before anyone managed to notice that they were indeed amazing...Appearances are very misleading. One has to be able to look Past that to see what Truth really is...Sometimes it's not good. And sometimes---far more than we could've ever imagined...Enjoy your opinion(you're entitled to it). I'll stick with mine,though.


IF he actually cheated on her, i doubt she would do anything to get him back! With her new edgy, badass look i doubt she could give a damn about taking back a cheater! Once a cheater always a cheater!

@ Ashley

right. Because people who look a certain way ARE a certain way as opposed to TRYING TO BE a certain way. Most badasses keep a MUCH lower profile than that human circus. What idiocy...


Id be more than happy to offer her some rebound cock.


oh no, you need a real man, miley.
NOT liam"The Lame".

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