Michael Jordan Love Child Begged Mom to File Lawsuit

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The mother of Michael Jordan's alleged love child never planned to file a paternity suit against the NBA legend, but the child himself reportedly insisted.

According to TMZ, Pamela Smith had no desire to sue Jordan until her son pleaded with her to make his (alleged) dad admit paternity and pay support.

Pamela Smith is suing Michael for just that, paternity and child support, claiming MJ got her pregnant while he was still married to Juanita Vanoy.

Sources close to Smith, who says Jordan knocked her up in 1995, has always had a good relationship with Michael and doesn't need the money.

However, it was her son Grant Reynolds (a.k.a. Taj Jordan) who desperately wants MJ to acknowledge him and urged her to file the legal documentation.

Smith's intention, her friends say, was never to "call Michael out" but simply to have the (alleged) father be a bigger part of his life for his sake.

Allegedly, Michael and Grant have met a few times over the years. Pamela claims Michael has even given the family money and gifts here and there.

Grant, 16, always had to keep it a secret, though ... until he apparently decided not to anymore. The teen made the above video last December.

No response yet from Jordan or his camp.


This seems like harassment and manipulation to me. Unless MJ is proven to be the boy's father, leave him alone.


wow grant name was never mentioned on the espn mike at 50.if the black neighberhood son's need their father's so desperately not just a pair of nike's.grant should have been treated no diffrentky than the 4 that you had by juanita.can't be like mike


whoa! i love MONEY MIKE greatest NBA player all time! had every pair of JORDANS KICKS ever made! i grew up as a shorty watching idolizing MALCOLM X. TUPAC and MONEY MIKE! Gotta show love to your seeds my DAUGHTERS I buy them all the JORDAN KICKS! if you got shorties that gotta be your no.1 priority in LIFE period after ALLAHGOD!


lol he has a secret son? This better be a rumor

E oneill

All the buzz around celebrity affairs- there's so much more at stake. http://bit.ly/ytLqPC


Well if this article and it's claims arw accurate its the kid who is now a gold digger. I've heard plenty stories just like this one and some keep silent but some don't. Sometimes when a girl u meet tell you her child's real father is some star sports player your skeptical and wonder why they don't sue. When your just some average girl and get an opportunity to sleep with some star getting prego probably isn't first on the list of the real reason they do it. It's more about prestige and self-worth. Later that self-worth takes a hit when you learn that all you were to the guy was a cum bucket and your hatred flares. If you did get prego the child ends up being a weapon. This isn't unusual even for girls sleeping with unfamous men. Society sux with this attitude that women are always the victims and men are totally responsible for everything. Uf women are "in charge of their own bodies " when it comes to abortion then why are they also not respinsible and in charge the rest of the time? Key is responsible and not man nor woman wants that especially when ya can fleece some dude for money.


don't get this wrong: "Love Child" HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LOVE.


Check the length of his pecker to be sure


That negro don't have no papa-- more like 2 mamas!


I hope that Grant takes the bastard for everything he's got. And if I were him, I'd sue his sorry ass piece of shit mother too for allowing him to go on providing him material things and not being a real father. It just goes to show you that his mother Pamela was a fan to begin with gay why she never pressed for further involvement in his sons life. She's an ass too. I hate deadbeat parents. Famous or not.

@ Marianna

Girlfriend...I totally agree!!!!! I believe that 16 year-old Grant is acting WAY MORE MATURE than BOTH his mother (who sounds like a real gold digger to me) and father (aka Michael Jordan) put together. And, yes...I hate deadbeat parents, also. BEYOND PATHETIC!!!!!

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