Matt Lauer to Be Fired By NBC?!

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Embattled Today host Matt Lauer may soon be fired by NBC if the tanking morning show's fortunes don't turn around fast, according to a new report.

Lauer’s popularity has plummeted in the past year, according to the New York Times, and execs met with the staff to discuss the show's struggles.

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Staff members were alleged told that, “what matters most is the anchor connection to the audience; what we need to work on is that connection.”

“What they meant was Matt. But no one would say it,” one senior staff member told the Times about the meeting held to to discuss Today focus group data.

Lauer was not at that meeting.

Employees who spoke to the Times said that Lauer may be flat-out fired soon, but at best, his contract will not be renewed when it expires in 2014.

It’s a stunning blow and dramatic downturn for a sexy beast who has helmed a morning show powerhouse for many years and makes $25 million per.

That all feels like ancient history now, though.

The firing of Ann Curry, and how poorly Lauer and NBC handled it, is largely seen as the catalyst for this fiasco. The question is whether it can be reversed.

A source at the show says on the condition of anonymity:

“The staff doesn’t like to see Matt lose his job, but it’s time for a change. It’s just too bad that the network fumbled the entire situation with Ann and Matt."

"Network bosses just gave Matt too much power.”

How bad has it gotten? Lauer’s Q Rating, a standard used to measure popularity, crashed from 19 to 9 from last September to January 2013.

That sent NBC scrambling to rehab their anchor’s image, with Lauer speaking out recently and saying his bosses were to blame for the Curry debacle.

That didn't sit well with Ann, who apparently wishes Matt would just shut up. Bottom line, it's a mess over there, which begs the obvious question:

Should NBC fire Matt Lauer?


If he takes Savannah with him, I will watch again.


Yay!!! See what happens when you think your shit dont stink! Matt needs to gooooooooo.... Be gone with you, and I hope its soon.... I watched for years, but when they let Ann go I was done! Love Robin, and George in the morning!


he refused to believe the U.S. SKI TEAM could be so successfull.

John conners

Free Brittney has to be a solid moron. If she thinks Matt "the Nose" Lauer is a beast......then I am the second comming of GOD himself. Lauer is a dick....head. Nothing more. Just a common variety dickhead Brittney.....not a sex symbol. Not by any stretch. The sooner that ugly, smug, d-bag gets axed at the Today Show the better. Let the jerk join his brother, Bryant "I wanna-be-white" Gumdribble. Birds of a feather.


Ann curry needs to suck it up.....if she wants to play in the big leagues she needs to take her lumps and not cry about. She needed to go, she is not tough enough to run with the Big Boys.


Karma beyotch! He deserves to be fired. He is a total douchebag!


When Ann left NBC, I left NBC as well! Didn't like the way they handled the situation.


All thus over Ann Curry who should never have been a cohost in the first place! She mumbles, she stutters, she speaks way too fast. Her addition to the hosting part is when Today started to tank.


I hope he has saved his money. The handwriting is on the wall and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

@ Crosswinds

That's for sure since he moved out of the
family house and his wife filed for divorce.
Mattie alledgedly was dipping his wick with
a lovely lady while covering the Olympics...
and the Scumbag Award goes to Matt Liar...