Mariah Carey No Makeup Photo: Still Beautiful?

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Mariah Carey has gone au natural in a new Twitter photo.

The American Idol judge - who is rarely seen without being seriously dolled up - went in the opposite direction this week in celebration of World Wide Lamb Day, which is apparently a thing.

"Love to all the lambily!!! #WWLD," Carey wrote as a caption to the following image.

What do you think of her makeup-free look?

Mariah Carey No Makeup
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hell yes


You guys are blind if you dont see all that blush, eyeliner,and lipgloss. Just because its not caked on, doesn't mean, its not makeup...still pretty though...


I have no time at all for this woman, but I have to say, she looks fantastic in this shot! If this is what she really looks like without fake-up, then I am gobsmacked. All you other famewhores: Nota Bene.


She actually looks awesome without makeup! She looks way better than Kim K. does without makeup, and she certainly doesn't look like she is in her 40's. Go Mariah!


She actually looks better, in my opinion, without all the makeup caked on. She has such a lovely, glowy complexion that makes her look youthful without trying. It's prettier than trying for dear life to hold onto youthfulness via covering your actual face. She and Demi Lovato both look better without makeup/with minimal makeup, IMO.


back then DISHONESTY started.


ugly mulatto pig-burger.....

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