Lindsay Lohan Rehab Deal: Predicated on Program That Does Not Exist?

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Did Lindsay Lohan agree to a plea deal she cannot possibly fulfill?

According to TMZ, she avoided jail by pleading guilty and agreeing to a 90-day stay in "lock down rehab." The only problem? There is no such thing.


The site notes that there are no non-jail facilities that will actually keep patients in against their will in the U.S., unless the person is a suicide risk.

Even then, a psychiatric hold typically lasts just 48-72 hours.

In striking LiLo's plea deal last week, attorney Mark Heller represented to prosecutors he could get her into a 90-day lockdown rehab center in New York.

In New York State, there are no rehab facilities that will keep a person locked in unless they have a felony conviction. Lindsay would not qualify.

California similarly has no such venues.

Sources say prosecutors believed such a facility was available when they offered the deal, but it's unclear if a 90-day rehab program would also cut it.

Lindsay has been there at least twice before, and constantly sneaked out or left early. It stands to reason that she would or could pull the same crap.

Then again, if Lohan were to check into rehab and legitimately stay for 90 days, would it really matter if she's physically restrained from or not?

On top of that, reports of Lindsay Lohan clubbing and drinking hardcore are running rampant, even since her rehab deal kept her out of the slammer.

Prosecutors are supposedly reevaluating the plea deal to determine what they want to do. If Lindsay had any brains, she'd lay low with Avi Snow.

Why tempt fate by acting like the same moronic, hot mess that's been to rehab seven times and posed for six mug shots in as many years? Just asking.

LiLo's plea deal: Fair or foul?


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