Lindsay Lohan Plea Deal: NO Jail in Exchange For 90-Day Rehab Stint, Community Labor

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In a surprising (and yet somehow not surprising) twist, Lindsay Lohan struck a plea deal with prosecutors, avoiding jail in her lying-to-cops case ... for now.

Lindsay will be headed to rehab and must do community labor but will avoid major jail time, provided she complies the the terms of her probation.

Yeah, we all know how that goes.

Lindsay Lohan Back in the Courtroom

The star showed up 48 minutes late (obviously) to face the music, and despite having rejected a plea deal earlier this month, agreed to the following terms:

  • 90 days of in-patient, lockdown rehab
  • 30 days of community labor
  • 18 months of psychotherapy
  • 2 more years of probation

In concluding the proceedings, the judge told Lindsay "don't drive" and "this is it" regarding probation. Next time, there will be no hearing. Just jail.

It's amazing she avoided it in this case, to be honest.

For one, there's a mandatory five-day jail sentence for reckless driving, but it's going to be folded into her rehab; she won't be behind bars even for a day.

She also admitted to violating probation in her jewelry heist case, and was sentenced to 180 days in jail as a result ... but that sentence was stayed.

If Lindsay Lohan completes probation, it'll disappear.

Lohan was charged with reckless driving and lying to a police officer about a June 2012 car crash in which her Porsche crashed in to a dump truck.

Her arrest triggered the probation violation charge.

The actress entered pleas of no contest on two misdemeanor charges relating to the traffic accident, and she did not challenge that she violated probation.

Lohan acknowledged her drug and alcohol addiction in past court appearances. She's spent 250 days in five rehab facilities since January 2007.

In other news, she got glitter-bombed, and wore this:

Lindsay Back in Court Again

Lindsay Lohan's plea deal: A fair punishment?


Can she stay clean this time?


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If the everyday person pulled this crap they wld have been behind bars a long time ago..a fair justice system for all I think's sad a while behind bats may do her good not a slap on the wist over and over again..honestly just makes me sick

@ mka

I am so sick of this girl and her ability to get away with stuff over and over again. Its ridiculous!!


This bitch needs to be locked up!


You need to stop calling her an actress. She can't even act her way out of all these accidents and violations. She's an addict. That's her job title.


keep letting this dirt ball off the hook? put her in prison where those other dirt balls will give her the punishment she deserves! maybe the she'll learn!!!!


Lindsay should go to Rehab.


This kid is never gonna get it if she continues to have enablers around her. She's already hit rock bottom anyways so oh well!


She has had it 2 easy anyone else woulda been locked up by now THROW THE BOOK @ THIS TRAINWRECK so she can finally learn the consequences of her actions.


She'll fuck up in less then a year. Cracken will not like rehab. Withdrawals from crack&heroin not going to be fun. I am sure the drunk white Oprah will tell us all it's not her fault but someone else 's .lolololololololol!!!!!!!!