Lindsay Lohan: Glitter Bombed Outside Court!

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Lindsay Lohan received a warm welcome outside court today in the form of a glitter bomb. Police did not arrest the woman suspected in the shiny attack.

The gold glitter was thrown at the 26-year-old as she made her way through the media swarm Monday ... nearly 50 minutes late for her lying-to-cops trial.

Ke$ha would be proud. Or appalled. We're not sure.

Sheriff's officials said that the glitter bomb might not rise to the level of a criminal offense; glitter has been thrown, harmlessly, at celebrities many times before.

Also Monday, a man was removed from the courtroom for snapping a photo of the star. Never a dull moment with the recurring fiasco that is LiLo's life.

A Lindsay Lohan rehab deal was struck in lieu of jail time; she'll spend three months there and do 30 days of community labor, plus 18 months of therapy.

What do you think? Fair deal?


Lindsay Lohan
Sad very Sad! Does she realize,she is Self Destructive?
She is throwing her hard work as a Actress since she was very little girl ,Capturing Audiences from all over the world and Family Movies my kids love,To letting an addiction get the best of her?Come on Lindsay The hell with everyone go to Rehab as your last days on earth,Learn you cannot handle it,Not many people can?Head up , Shoulders back, Its ALL ABOUT YOU Hon!!As a mom I would have to kick your behind,Because thats what Moms do!!


i would still bang her


I hear a leprechaun farted at her.
fucking lying junkie is what she is


don't accuse her: the woman was mentally disabled, folks.


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