Lindsay Lohan "Appalled" at Justin Bieber Comment, Says "Karma" Will Haunt Loudmouth

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Lindsay Lohan is not pleased that naive little punk Justin Bieber called her out for no reason yesterday, and says karma will come back to bite him.

Lindsay Lohan is a Hot Mess
Justin Bieber in a Tanktop

She was reportedly "appalled" at Justin Bieber's Instagram rant, in which he defended himself against critics, then took a cheap shot at LiLo's finances.

For kind of no reason at all, the increasingly erratic pop superstar wrote "to those comparing me to Lindsay Lohan, look at her 2012 tax statements ;)".

Bieber soon deleted the missive and apologized for the insult, but Lindsay is not over it, and is telling friends that "karma" is gonna bite him in the ass.

Lohan thinks Justin was "senseless and mean," especially since they don't know each other, and has no idea why he singled her out with his "bullying."

Basically, Lindsay says the little hothead it asking for it.

If LiLo and Bieber threw down, who would win?


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Lindsay Lohan would fight anyone who speaks badly and/or stands in her way. She is all about drama, partying, alcohol/liquor, and trouble. She even had a fight with Pitbull and Amanda Bynes.


Lindsay might not be all there but dip shit BIEBER does not know what life is about.All he is is a smart mouth KIDD.


LC can you please send me a Bieber gram!! Long form!>Twitter!


The pink kid is very lucky. He makes all those millions doing what hundreds of kids his age could do with the lucky break he got..He makes more money than he deserves and is only a mediocre dancer and so so singer...His fame will be fleeting.
He is not nearly as talented as Lohan. She is the one that has had bad breaks and will come back.

@ nshell

Luck has nothing to do with it. Your negative blog to his success is the opposite reason he made his millions. Are you Jealous of his success? Lohan is talented, she just have more issues than the Beab's.


Well, one is a totall hot mess and the other is a little dickhead punk in the making .... So there we go, enough said !


These two Douchebag should get together. Crackie can show the little prick how to do heroin and get away with being Batshit crazy. Two birds of a feather shall flock together


I feel Justin Bieber has developed a huge ego. You don't do the things he is doing without one, unless you're using drugs or have a mental illness. I hope his family will get him counseling to determine what is wrong with him before it becomes too late.

@ Dorris

The only thing "wrong " with Justin is that he's become a huge egomaniacal spoiled brat. The mental illness is when FAME is given to a person too fast, and too soon before he was fully ready to handle it. There's no real mental illness here. Don't even joke like that!

@ Common Sense Says...

Lucky all of you!! You're not in his shoes!!


We believe that Justin Bieber should win.


Lawlll, she put herself in the position to get made fun of a long time ago. All that cocaine has and is going to continue biting her in the ass. #yolo

@ Teen16

Shut up child. Go back to school and learn how to spell your words correctly...or in the very least, learn how to use spellcheck!

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