Kristen Stewart: Sex Scenes in On the Road "Necessary, Not Gratuitous"

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Kristen Stewart tells the Chicago Sun-Times that she was inspired to play "wild, sexy girl" Marylou in On The Road, despite pushing her own boundaries.

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The actress says her sex scenes were "necessary," that Marylou was surprisingly self-aware, and that in the end, "human beings are just animals.”

“It’s about fiercely living and squeezing every single drop out of life and not denying any aspects of it,” she said, calling the sex scenes "non-gratuitous."

Stewart, 22, played against type in the 2012 adaptation of Jack Kerouac's classic American novel, shedding any semblance of her inner Bella Swan.

If you saw it ... there was nothing PG-13 about Stewart's role.

“So much is clearly illustrated through her sexuality in her film,” Kristen Stewart said of her Marylou. “But there was nothing about it that seemed gratuitous."

"It all just seemed so necessary. There was simply no question that this would be a more sexual role. I didn’t want to just play the wild, sexy, girl."

Indeed, Marylou was more complex than meets the eye.

"Yes, she’s daring, but she's completely self-aware. She’s someone who can harness her fears in life although she’s not above emotions like jealousy.”

Did you see the film? What did you think of Kristen Stewart's role in it? How do you think Robert Pattinson felt about seeing his GF in scenes like this?


I saw the movie. It was boring and the sex scenes added nothing to the film so for me it was gratuitous. After a director brainwashes stupid young actresses to get naked they need to justify it because they ultimately realize it was just for titillation purpose. The best actress this year won on sheer talent and did not get naked. Whereas this film On the Road wasn't recognized for anything.

@ Dalovelee

You seem to have forgotten that Kristen has been branded as a terrible actor and from that has to do absolutely everything and anything to change that brand. If she doesn't, there is no chance in hell she will ever win anything other than a Razzie.

@ Angella

@angella .. Yeah she does have that bad actress label stuck to her name, which is why bad actresses should avoid naked bare scenes because that is not equivalent to being talented. Gone are those days where it's deep acting to bare all in a film. If you notice lately good movies and hits have little of that because audiences are smarter now. Why is it that men don't do full frontal because it's equally gratuitous. Hollywood directors exploit vulnerable stupid actresses to make them think they are creating art. Seth McFarlane at the Oscars showed them just how ridiculous these actresses are with his skit.

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