Kimye Baby: What Might It Look Like?

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She's Armenian. He's African-American.

She has large breasts. He has a giant ego.

She made a sex tape with Ray J. He's most likely seen it.


So as the world anticipates the July Birth To Be Heard Around the World (no offense, Kate Middleton), it's only natural to wonder: What will the child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West look like at the age of 25?

Let's find out, shall we?

Nikolett Mérész and Nickolay Lamm from MyVoucherCodes (dot) co (dot) uk have the answer.

They have provided the world with illustrations of what this spawn may look like as a young adult, based on such features as its parents eye color, hair color and face shape.

"The daughter has Kim's pretty eyes and more rounded facial features like Kanye," says Lamm. "The son has bold eyes that are a mixture of Kim and Kanye's eyes. The son's lower half of the face is also similar to Kanye's."


  • Kimye Daughter
  • Kimye Son, take 2

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's child at the age of 25, according to the hypothesis of two researches.

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It doesn't matter what the child will look like. I feel sorry for him/her because Grandma Kris will likely be pimping/selling him/her out so she can get her 10%. I'm sure they are a very close family, but I just find it so sad that they 'sell' themselves for fame. So very very sad and disgusting.


this couple is uglier than sh-t itself..the 15 minutes is about up coalburner kim

@ i h8 white trash

You guys have been saying Kim's 15 minutes are up for years. It gets really old. Eventually you'll be right, but that will be about 15 years after you guys started spewing that nonsense.
Kim, ugly? I don't think so. Perfection would be the more correct term. You need an eye exam.


Kim has so much work done on her face you don't know what she might look like if she didn't have the work done.. Kim has that middle eastern skin color and Kanye is very dark skinned. IMO the child will definitely be darker than Kim but not too much darker and have a mixture of both parents features. The hair texture will be curly.


Kim's had a nose job and most likely other work done so the baby might not have many of kims current features.


kim kartrashian is the role model for fat white women with no self esteem.....and he looks like buckwheat.If i hada sun hed look like trayvoon


Hopefully that baby looks like kim, she is the better looking one


'm glad his black balls will NOT be a part of her...........


Yes I bet the baby will have many of Kim's features. Her eyes, her smile. Her plastic surgery.....her botox.....


Kate Middleton is a ferrari...Kim Kardashian a pinto w/ spinners.

@ Kuntye

Kim Kardashian is a Lamborghini, like the one she bought Kanye for his birthday.

@ Kuntye

Or maybe a hatchback Gremlin