Kim Kardashian Weight Gain: A Total Kanye West Turn-Off!

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According to earlier reports, Kim Kardashian is melting down over her pregnancy weight gain.

And according to a new report, Kim and Kanye West are not getting down and dirty for the same reason.

Kim Kardashian Eating

“Kim and Kanye’s relationship used to be all about soft music, can­dlelight dinners and romantic nights together,” an insider lies tells The National Enquirer.

But now?!?

"Kim has put on such a large amount of weight, Kanye seems to be busier with his music schedule than ever, and Kim doesn’t think it’s a coincidence," this source supposedly says.

With stress already creating a miscarriage scare for Kardashian, friends are worried about what may happen between the couple.

“She’s concerned about Kanye cheating, and his disinterested and distracted attitude isn’t helping,” concluded the mole.

But those Kim Kardashian boobs should at least be growing, right? Just pull them out more often, girl.


I'd say Mrs Humphries is in a predictament.


She is beautiful no matter what she will loose it they all do.But if actig like that now I would make sure I remembered that after the baby is born....


What man wants to sleep with a tent?

@ carol hoousendove

speaking from personal experience????


Typical black rapper makes babies and runs, what new?


OMG, stop the presses! A professional nobody with already enormous caboose gained weight while pregnant!


Wa wa wa, not all pregnant women can stay slim, she is going to have a baby, and along with that "Weight Gain"... Get over it Kim


Who really cares


If she is so worried.. Should of kept them legs closed a little longer!! Ha Ha I hope she gets so fat, and I feel so sorry for that poor child! God has a way of taken care of these things.. Just wait and see.. "TACKY"


he got cold feet about his music career still be successfull?
.............he's right about thisone.

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