Kim Kardashian: Pregnant... AND Alone?!?

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According to latest issue of In Touch Weekly, Kim Kardashian's worst nightmare is about to come true.

No, Facebook isn't shutting down her account.

But Kanye West may be leaving her behind!

Kim Kardashian Pregnant... and Alone?!?

“Kayne’s trying to do anything to get away from her, despite the fact that they’re having a baby," a family sources tells the tabloid. “It’s making Kim very nervous. If Kanye abandons her and she ends up a single mom, it will be her worst nightmare."

Fortunately, if this happens, Kim will have some company.

Kate Middleton is gonna end up pregnant and alone, too, according to another report. And sister Kourtney Kardashian was also once going to be stuck pregnant and alone.

Elsewhere, in news that isn't entirely made up, a Kim Kardashian miscarriage scare really did take place yesterday. But both impending mother and fetus are okay.


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Kim Kardashian: Pregnant... AND Alone?!?
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If only we had better role models for the future young generations that they can look up to, we wouldn't be faced with teenage pregnancy and other negative issues that put a stop to their lives. I just wish these kids would do better and see the difference between the good and the bad.


Twat is not so special as she use to be. Tramp's mommy is working overtime to keep her HUGE ASS IN THE NEWS. Fall will be a fast one


Months ago, you said Bruce and Kris are breaking up. Then you said Khloe and Lamar are breaking up. How's that going? LOL. Maybe one of these times, you'll actually be right for once, but I highly doubt this is the one. Why anyone takes these people seriously is beyond me.


Reading crap like this and the shit people do to get money and to be supposedly "famous" for sucking dick on tv just makes me feel so much better about my life. I may not have that much money but at least I know I would never eve stoop so low to be "famous" for doing a porn and my love is NOT based on money and none of my family members would sell me out for money. Fuck u . U filthy rich skums! People starve in the world and u make money on porns how to u people sleep at night?! And worst part stupid teenager worship shits like you! Why? Go cure cancer! Donate money fucking do something that matters! Be the next Einstein. THIS WHITE TRASH SETS SOCIETY BACK AND SHOWS HOW HEARTLESS WORTHLESS SOCIETY IS BECOMING. People stop reading this shit. These "people" are Attention seeking parasites that DO ABSOLUTLY NOTHING BUT DUMB DOWN FUTURE GENERATIONS!

@ Julie

great comment ....
i doubt anyone believes these slimeballs 'cept for some outsourced indian twitterbots...


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@Jules.Kim must make better choices? Shut the fuck up.You know nothing about Kim.

@ Lily

nice try kimode ya' piss stinkin' skank ...
desperate much ?


If Kim ends up alone with her baby it might be the best thing that has ever happened to her. It will force Kim to make better choices about her life and the most valuable lesson will be when she understands there is many things in life more important than money and lastly maybe she will learn to respect others feelings. What u do in life comes back at u.

@ jules

You cant teach an old dog new tricks and she is an old dog. As for the leaving part. That wanna be as something that tags behind her ass like a stuft mullot wont be leaving anyone. In a short while when he has served his purpose she will be smelling male personal parts again like a dog in heat looking for a new prop to rest her stretched vagina on. Disgusting woman. she is a worn out over stretched whore and no surgery will fix those droops. Her old kardashian has been stretched to the max but shes still a wrinkled prune. Look at her neck and hands. She is the same local bike thst will follow the same route as the haggard first one.

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