Kim Kardashian Miscarriage Scare Prompts Plane Breakdown, Doctor's Visit

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Don't worry, Charlie Askew. You aren't the only person who broke down in public this week.

Sources tell TMZ that Kim Kardashian dissolved into tears on a flight home from Paris yesterday because "severe stomach pains" made her believe she may have been suffering a miscarriage.

Kim Kardashian and Ye

Fortunately, that fear was not realized and a doctor's visit confirmed Kim is simply stressed out (from the Kris Humphries divorce saga and upcoming house move) and needs to slow down a bit in life.

So the fetus is fine. And it shouldn't be that difficult for Kardashian to hang out at home for a few weeks. After all, it's not like she has a job.

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Why are all the people with negative, hateful, and racist comments posting comments on here. I personally don't know them, but i do watch for fun. I don't take them seriously because i have an awesome life, however, i don't understand how could you all dislike them, and still take your time to read their story and STILL take the time to post hateful comments. Personally, if I don't like or agree with a certain person, i wouldn't waste my time reading the story and then posting a comment. that would be a waste of my time. It's like tv, or radio,if you don't like what's on, change it. Life is easy and short to waste on being a negative person.. I love my life and i am a postive and happy person:)


She is at every store opening that will pay her and traveling around the globe from Rio to Paris ervy week or so. And she wonders why she has stomach pains. Kris Humphries is a lucky guy not to be involved with this nutty girl and her money hungry family. Every comedian makes fun of them and every talk show rips them apart. I'm sure she is not eating properly nor stopping here consumption of liquor. She appears on 3 reality shows from time to time plus her photo shoots and a hectic schedule every day. STAY home and worry about the baby besides MONEY.


She has been traveling around the world nonstop. Guess having a healthy pregnancy and child not a big priority


Kim is illiterate totally consumed with having sex with black men on camera! All those girls are emotionally damaged by having Kris for a Mother, who is also consumed by sex. They are all OCD and insecure.
Kayne is not even worth mentioning, he is so stupid.

@ Jere

Wow, so Kim can't read or write? Who knew.


The truth of the matter is, this piece of slime constantly travels around with her ignorant boyfriend West. So what does she expect. If she does miscarry, she has no one to blame but herself. HELLO....when your pregnant, your supposed to take care of yourself. She is so ignorant. God, I just can't stomach these 2 morons. I honestly feel bad for the baby that will be having them as parents. ewww.


Is it wrong that I hope she has a miscarriage? The baby would be better off in heaven than here on earth with this twat.


Why would anyone write this has anything to do with Kris humpheies. If anything it has to with traveling all all those hours for a one day stay. Kim's relationship with kanye is over. If he cared anything about her why did he allow her to get back on the plane less than 48 hours after arriving there. Seems to me they had a argument and she left. Now rumors is flying from a source close to kanye that their relationship is over. One thing u can't fake is being with someone and ur really not together anymore. Just like the rumor started kanye was moving to Paris and he has. Kim needs to stop lying. She's worried about being a single parent


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@ abe

This story would gag a maget! Excuse me while I go cut off my fingers for opening this article!


She is such a piece of shit to blame Humphries for stress. I hope he can sue the pig for slander.


She looks waaayyy too much like her mom in this photo. Time to turn down the "Kris" look, Kim. YUCK... She's too pretty too look so frumpy. You're pregnant! Dress cute! No need to hide the bump. Your secrets out. We all know you're pregnant.

@ Shannon

Kim is HUGE!!!!!!