Kim Kardashian: Melting Down Over Weight Gain!

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Paging all chefs, Kim Kardashian is in need of some healthy recipes!

No, the reality star isn't eating badly, but she is putting on A LOT of weight - and sources tell Star that the enormous pound package is irking the amateur sex tape actress.

Big time.

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Body

“She’s looking at old pictures of herself on her computer and her phone for literally hours at a time, pining for her pre-pregnancy body," an insider supposedly tells the tabloid. "She is seriously melting down."

With stress already causing a miscarriage scare for Kim, the magazine goes on to say Kardashian is a general mess about her outward appearance.

“Kim is desperate to stop gaining so much weight, but she can’t seem to get it under control,” says this mole. “She cries every other day, and she’s scared to see how big she’ll get.”

Among other article allegations:

  • Kardashian has already gained 65 pounds.
  • She sleeps in Spanx.
  • She pours "hundreds of dollars worth of” stretch mark cream over her body each day.
  • She fears Kanye West will cheat on her.

Concludes the feature: Kim "thinks her butt looks like a big hunk of cheese."

Okay. So at least one aspect of this story is true.


Kim! Eating everything you want is a MYTH. Just eat healthy, and do the Vitamin D milk, some protein, and your DOCTOR should be consulting with you. I had TWINS and only gained 27 pounds, but you have a SISTER that should be HELPING you with this. You can't have ANY alcohol/cigarettes either, atleast I learned that, and haven't had thaqt since. Your vanity is HORRIBLY creeping into what should be a HAPPY TIME. You can't expect to be DIETING when a baby is living inside you. Just eat healthy, and after the baby is born, you will drop the weight, and all will be JUST FINE. Don't panic, cuz all women gain weight in the BABY MODE. Just don't be so hard on yourself. I don't know how you can deal with SPANDEX, at all, even being thin,,, God, just take it easy, RELAX, and do some YOGA if you feel stressed. OR think of a beautiful waterfall in Hawaii, or a place that brings PEACE to you and helps you to RELAX. I would also suggest that NOT talking business will be much EASIER/HEALTHIER nad more MENTALLY STABLE for you. This is only for a FEW more months, so just be PATIENT. You don't want to have a SICK baby because you were being SELFISH and worrying about your WEIGHT. Good Luck! If KW really loves you, he WON'T cheat on you, or you have your DOUBTS for a REASON. Positive THINKING is on your side, kiddo.


I almost feel sorry for her.


A 65 pound weight gain is ridiculous! She needs to
get this under control or she will gain 20 more!
She MUST be overeating but certainly has the money
to consult dietary guidance.


This woman just slays me. "I must get married right away!" "I must get divorced right away!" "Birth control? What's that?" "My tummy hurts; I'm going to miscarry and it's all my ex's fault!" and now
"OMG you mean you gain weight when you're pregnant!" whatever it takes to get her name in the tabloids.

@ Sue

my words exactly i dont feel sorry for her at all paybacks a bitch


If she doesn't take it easy, and she miscarries people will go crazy and call her a baby killer (even though ladies suffer miscarriages all the time) she has been traveling all over and working out 7 days a week people will be unforgiving. The Doctor needs to put her on bed rest and if she gets up, put her on hospital bed rest.


I hope Kim never gets pregnant again. She is miserable. She is not enjoying her pregnancy at all. I have never seen anyone hide there belly until she did it. I don't know why she allowed herself to get pregnant. Its ridiculous


My baby is wonderful I gained about 35 pounds having my son was the best thing ever. Now it's a year later and a half and I am still around 130 pounds I feel so fat, but that's one thing you have to learn to live with after having a baby. Hey at least I have no stretch marks and I used Queen Helene Body Butter throughout my pregnancy. Use it on your belly, boobs, bum, thighs, arms. I repeat first child No Stretch marks and I am 4"11 and was 110 pounds before becoming pregnant I gave birth to an 8 pounds 4 ounce Baby so in total I gained 25 pounds because I only weighed 135. You'll get through the weight gain. The baby is the most important thing. You need to focus on the baby not on the fact you may gain a bit of weight. You are beautiful, wealthy, successful, and have the love of a man and family. Take care of yourself as well as your baby.

@ Holly

Snooki? Is that you? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be drinking or something?


why using this dramatticely amount of make up.
TRYING TO HIDE YOUR HUGE ASS? no need to..................I can live with it.


Wow, there are some real negative nancies out here! Grow up peeps!


I know I'm wasting my time with this comment but I lm sooo Anti-Kardashian...she's one dumb bitch. Crying over weight gain, people are crying wont aren't able to produce. All the wrong people having kids. & on top of her still being married..who does that. #ONEdumbbitch

@ Christy

Christy, sounds like someone has some insecurity issues. Humans have a tendency to lash out at others when they are feeling badly about themselves. Get over yourself. We are no one to judge who does and does not have kids. Have all of your decisions been perfect? Come on now.

@ RealWoman

We all do make mistakes but the difference is Kim never learns from any of her mistakes with men and she continues the cycle and then people want to know why she gets all the negative feedback. Cuz she puts everything in the public. Don't feel sorry for Kim anymore

@ RealWoman

nice try kimode ya' piss stinkin' midgetskank ..
get a wheelbarrow for that garbagebag azz , you need it pinhead ...muahahahhaa
insecure INDEED ..
disgust is more like it you filth .....yuk !
a pig with lipsti8ck ...

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