Kim Kardashian: Melting Down Over Weight Gain!

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Paging all chefs, Kim Kardashian is in need of some healthy recipes!

No, the reality star isn't eating badly, but she is putting on A LOT of weight - and sources tell Star that the enormous pound package is irking the amateur sex tape actress.

Big time.

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Body

“She’s looking at old pictures of herself on her computer and her phone for literally hours at a time, pining for her pre-pregnancy body," an insider supposedly tells the tabloid. "She is seriously melting down."

With stress already causing a miscarriage scare for Kim, the magazine goes on to say Kardashian is a general mess about her outward appearance.

“Kim is desperate to stop gaining so much weight, but she can’t seem to get it under control,” says this mole. “She cries every other day, and she’s scared to see how big she’ll get.”

Among other article allegations:

  • Kardashian has already gained 65 pounds.
  • She sleeps in Spanx.
  • She pours "hundreds of dollars worth of” stretch mark cream over her body each day.
  • She fears Kanye West will cheat on her.

Concludes the feature: Kim "thinks her butt looks like a big hunk of cheese."

Okay. So at least one aspect of this story is true.


Comparing KK to Kate Middleton, who is due the same time, Kim looks like an elephant! God knows how this poor child will look????? More's the pity.


Mmmmm!so many comments,it really shows my friends like Kim and I don't know why they tripping.Don't wory kim u not a bad gal.We can't read everything about u cos some stories are just lies.


She is losing her shape! Finally! Karma is a bitch! She will be all alone ''raising kids'' if they is even possible and she will lose her fame and I hope my children and grandchildren don't know who this fat butt, lying whore bag is!

@ amk

Why are you so angry at someone you have never met? It is not like posting nasty comments about how a pregnant woman is fat on the internet is going to solve anything. Do what a normal, not nasty person does and just ignore her. -.- Geez.

@ amk

i dont like Kim either but calling a pregnant woman a fat butt all because you dont like her thats pathetic on your part shes prego shes gonna gain wait and maybe look a little "fat" but theres nothing more beautiful than that! hopefully your children dont grow up judging people they dont know because their mother/father does..


She is losing her shape! Finally! Karma is a bitch! She will be all alone one day raising kids. Trust me, it will happen too and I will be so so happy.


I don't believe this. She went through two pregnancies with Kortney. She knows there's no picnic, she knows the weight gain can be huge, and she knows Kortney lost it quickly once the babies were born. So I'm saying - BALONEY!!!

@ Frogmore

Kim has no self control. It has been apparent thru out her life. We can all see how animalistic she is with her sex life. Kourtney DOES have self control. That's why she has lost the baby weight.


She's a slob. Kris Humphries must be relishing this.


Let’s hope she's held accountable when she delivers a mentally impaired child........a medically diagnosed impairment – as opposed to the character impairment she & Kanye share.


Maybe she will have a 13 pound baby. Weight gain comes with being pregnant Kim. Her butt will get larger and larger until no chair will be able to fit it. More weight gain is on its weigh. LOL

@ Anne

haha I love this!!!


Ah poor fat Kim! Is she blaming her non stop eating habits on Keis Humphries also? At least she makes her sisters look classy.



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