Kim Kardashian Fat Claims: Taking an "Emotional Toll" on Pregnant Star

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A tabloid war is brewing at your local newsstand. And Kim Kardashian is at the center of it.

With multiple reports this week claiming Kardashian can't stop eating and that Kanye West is turned off by his baby mama's ever-growing figure, Us Weekly is jumping into the fray by calling out its competition.

Kim Kardashian Us Weekly Story

The "vitriol" aimed at Kim's body "is taking an emotional toll" on the pregnant star, this week's issue asserts.

The magazine also speaks to Kim's trainer, Tracy Anderson, who says the professional celebrity isn't down on her weight at all:

"She's doing great. She's not saying, 'I'm gross,' or fat. She's having te same reaction as any women: 'Really? I'm expanding this much?'"

Us also says Kanye is perfectly happy with his woman's waistline and there are no problems in Kimye Land.

Except for that proposed baby name, we presume. North West? Really?!?


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Kim Kardashian Fat Claims: Taking an "Emotional Toll" on Pregnant Star
Ain't it the hottest thing?


I would say she looks like a fat pig but I wouldn't want to insult a pig!


Haha, she complains that people are calling her fat, yet she keeps wearing skin-tight clothing.


I really hope Kim K breast feeds. It will help her lose weight.


Actually, I don't believe the US Weekly is a tabloid per se. They seem to be against them. I know they've had other articles, exposing the tabloids and their anti-Kim agenda. Someone has to expose the lies. Good for them.

Nadine lumley

First of all, you need only gain 15/20 lbs. when you're pregnant. Not 65 half way through. Second, you didn't show her latest overweight pic. BOO HA


who care no matter how much money u have is not going to stop u from grrting the weight on kim..


kim lol u look like a blow up doll...


kim lol u look like a blow up doll...


Why even talk bout her baby like that you people are crulel. How would you like it if someone said yr kid was ugly. If someone said that about my child i would pt you in a hospital bed and believe me when the surgery is done you would be the ugly one

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