Kim Kardashian Deposed, Swears True Love for Kris Humphries

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Kim Kardashian truly loved Kris Humphries back in the day and never had any intention of frauding him into marriage.

So the reality star swore Tuesday in her nine-hour deposition, which took place in Los Angeles at the office of her attorney, Laura Wasser.

Kim Kardashian Out of Her Car

Details are still leaking out regarding the testimony in this terse Kris Humphries-Kim Kardashian divorce case, but sources tell TMZ that the former did not even show up for the proceedings.

Kardashian testified that her family's E! series played NO role in her decision to exchange vows with the Nets power forward.

Reportedly, Humphries' attorney did not press very much on the issue of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, despite an oath from its producer this month that various segments related to Kim and Kris were staged.

Perhaps the lawyer was aware that the staging and re-creating of these scenes simply proves that his client was in on the scripted nonsense all along.

A hearing is set for May 6, where Kim hopes a divorce is granted, while Humphries and his legal team are still hoping for an annulment. On what ground?

No one really knows.


She loved him so much that she wouldn't let him move inter home.

@ ben

Kim, give Kris the anullment he wants. Based on you show, I'm having a hard time believing you were sincere. After all, you were taught, it's all about the money, and it doesn't matter who you hurt in the process. It's time to mature. Give him what he wants and he will go away.


See the easy at which a Gypsy can lie?


Love that leaves so quickly shows a weak soul...sorry KK but I see it in your actions and the company you keep such a that souless Britters Gastineau and so on


Even though I'm not a Kim fan I believe she did the right thing by divorcing him once she realized she didn't love him. The bottom line is she has tried to send him on his way and he wont go cuz he's obsessed with Kim. He didn't show up for the disposition after all that talk and didn't have a game I hope Kim makes him pay for all her legal fees

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