Kim Kardashian Can't Stop Eating!

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According to a new report, Kim Kardashian is gaining so much weight that Kanye West is totally turned off by his baby mama.

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    Finally, Kim Kardashian looks like a real relate-able woman....


    Haters,haters,haters,you can says all the bad things you want about this women she still going to be rich,famous and gorgeous well that why probably must of you are hating .


    You people must really have a really bad life to be talking about someone on a random website to feel better about your selfs (probably) she's pregnant for crying out loud if she want to eat so what she eating for 2 and she has boobs and a curves not to mention a big butt that's why she looks bigger then the average pregnant women . You guys can say negative things about anybody but ur life is still going to be as sad as it was before you wrote that comment . :)


    blow up doll


    The only person I feel bad for is this expected baby. If she continues to eat this way, she will put her risk at gestational Diabetes, hypertension and many other co morb. Also she should not be wearing tight clothing, this can lead to infections such as UTI. Kim is clearly in a role confusion. It's all about her and not about this baby.


    I have never liked Kim Kardashian, I think she's vile. But can't we leave the poor woman alone? She's going to be a single mother to twins because the dumbass who knocked her up left because she was 'fat.' Sure her lips aren't the most beautiful things, but I think she looks fine. She's a human too, and she's having a rough time of it. Celebrities aren't perfect, and they aren't 100% devoted to pleasing the public, so stop being so rude.


    i think it went all to her lips they look horrible.
    otherwise she dosnt look bad maybe wear a little looser clothing thats more flattering try some maternity wear!


    First off, why would anyone be upset when Kim said pregnancy is hard? You people really have issues, if Adele said that, no one would care. Secondly, I love the way the tabloids only say the "source". What source? That way, they can lie, without having to back it up. The day society gets rid of the tabloid, and sees all them go out of business will be a step in the right direction. Don't worry, the mainstream press will make sure the lies keep coming.


    I'm scared to see what she is going to look like at 9 months! Yeah, she's huge, but what I really want to know us WTF is going on with her duck lips in that pic?!?! She's disgusting...


    And it's all going to her ass

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