Kate Upton Look-Alike: Russian Mail Order Bride Edition!

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Kate Upton is so hot. 

She also has a somewhat distinctive look - All-American blonde, voluptuous and not ultra-thin - as well as countless, instantly recognizable photos to her name.

So we suppose it was only a matter of time before the imitators came along, and on that note, meet Ania, a bona fide Kate Upton look-alike / Russian twin!

Kate Upton Look-alike
Kate Upton SI Swimsuit Cover 2013

She's not related to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, nor does she even know her; but thanks to Twitter, Ania was able to reach Kate directly.

Kate, being Kate, re-tweeted the pic, adding "amazing!"

Wearing a fur-trimmed parka and nothing else, Ania - whose Twitter bio describes her as a "Mail order bride in training" - makes a great Kate Upton doppelganger.

Could you tell them apart? Who would you rather ... you know? Does this make you want to flip through a Russian mail order bride catalog later?

Is this the start of a meme in which hot blondes everywhere copy Kate's signature SI pose? Kateing? Uptoning? We really, really hope so.

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I would rather do Kate Upton. She is hotter, sexier, and more familiar to me.

@ Ernest

I'd rather do both

Kate Upton Biography

Kate Upton Poster
Kate Upton is an model and actress known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue,first in 2011, when she was named... More »
St. Joseph, Michigan
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Kate Upton