Kate Middleton-Cressida Bonas Feud: Real or Fake?

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The pregnant Kate Middleton is not a big fan of Prince Harry's new girlfriend Cressida Bonas, according to gossip sites dying to stir up a feud.

But is there any truth to this at all or is it royally bogus? Well ...

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Allegedly (and take this with a boulder of salt), back when Kate Middleton was just a college girl and dating William, she knew Cressida's older sister.

Isabella Calthrope was reportedly pursuing Prince William at that time, so Kate was not a fan and is holding a grudge against her family to this day.

There's no love lost on Cressida Bonas' side either. Why? Well ...

Supposedly, her animosity also stems from a sibling's behavior.

William and Kate's siblings, Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry, have never been an item or even hooked up, but they do have "a very flirty relationship."

Cressida can't stand this and has even complained to Harry.

Kate heard about this and wants Cress to step off Pip.

“[Kate] was really upset when she heard Cress was trying to control who he talks to,” a source told Now magazine. “She told Wills, who had a word with Harry.”

Apparently Kate Middleton is very protective of her little brother-in-law Prince Harry and doesn’t want to see him used by a "royal chaser" like Bonas.

This is probably all just idle gossip ... but even so, hilarious.

We can at least hold out hope of a royal cat fight, right?


Kate must wear panties. Not nice to flash royal bum all the time..eeww!


Exactly, except she feels insecure because she reflects her own way of thinking on others.


Middleton is the worst sort of parasite. She spent one third of her life chasing william, who used to treat her like a doormat. The press used to refer to her as "the mattress". But with no dignity and no identity of her own, she still hung on with her claws. Midddleton was a regular public drunk during the "chase-william" years and an exhibitionist who never wore panties, and still doesn't - check out YouTube, "kate middleton gives calgary the bum's rush". You can see her butt. There are crotch photos of her too, from her ex career of getting drunk. Kate is literally a stupid bimbo, William is a fool for forcing trash like that on his own country. Cressida could teach Waity Kate a thing or two about being a lady.

@ waitysucks

Wow, you definitely have an issue with Kate. If she didn't do anything to you personally, you should look into getting some professional psychological help. Directing that much hate toward someone you don't know, who never did anything to you personally, is just weird and sick. As for the story: no proof or evidence was provided that any of it is true, not a single source was named. I call bulls--t on the story. Kate is happily married to her man, Isabella is happily married to her man, everyone is happy. #FAIL on the crappy story.

@ Reasonable girl

Well, she has a point about Kate flashing her bum all the time. Why cant she wear panties like most women? Its not nice of royalty to flash bums. I don't dislike Kate, but I don't appreciate her flashing all the time. Its just disrespectful to flash when you are on official tour. Its ok if wind lifts her skirt up..but what is excuse for not wearing panties to cover her bum? It is a shame. Sorry if I offended anyone. This is just my observation.


Makes me heave. All are just sperms who happened to be in the right penis at the right time.

@ Dads

HEY "DADS" you obviously need a little mental help if you can't take some criticism on a STRANGER, unless you are mommy middleton or ......? YES INDEED , WAITY IS A CROTCH FLASHING BIMBO


Kate calls Bonas as a "royal chaser", so who she is ? She was hunting the weak William for 8 years. Kate, before saying something about people think about yourself first and don't forget to twist your tounge 9 times before speaking out.

@ bamboo

My point exactly - kate has one or two brain cells at the most. She has no identity, no life purpose of her own, never did. She's a low class ex party skank , everyone has seen photos of literally every private part of her body. You know ? It's stunning , the level of stupidity she has and the way some actually approve of her -

@ waitysucks

I read that you must be over 25 to marry royalty, unless granted by Queen Elizabeth.


What a load of rubbish - as if you would know what is said or thought - - I think the Duchess is way above all this gossip.


What a load of rubbish - as if you would know what is said or thought - - I think the Duchess is way above all this gossip.

@ June

you SHOULD think but you don't --- kiss up idiot, go kiss waity's rear end


kate remains "Under Control", why should she careanyway?.

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