Kate Gosselin Claims Guy is Impersonating Her on Twitter, May Have "Panties in a Wad"

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Kate Gosselin is always beefing with someone, and sure enough, she's gotten involved in a new Twitter feud ... with a man with the last name Gosselin.

The reality star is demanding that she change it immediately.

An irate Kate Tweeted recently at Carlos Gosselin:


“@RealCGosselin it is illegal to impersonate people on twitter etc. please change your ID and email immediately. Thank you. @Support”

Carlos Gosselin hit back at the reality show mom:

“@Support hey can you tell Kate Gosselin to take accept that there are other people with the same last name. She may have her panties in a wad.”


Carlos continued, “So I woke up to this and laughed my ass. Not only that. But it made my whole morning complete. Let me put it up in a picture.”

He added a photo of himself with the caption, “Love you mom.”

He hasn’t changed his name or his email address, either.

Kate is far from pleased with the situation, responding:

“The per impersonating my child (@CGosselin) tweeted ‘love you mom’ 2me. Whether he really has last name or not, it’s impersonation w that tweet!”

"And if it was meant as a joke to me, then I missed the joke - busy being a mom and am CONSTANTLY dealing w ppl impersonating my children! :/”

Sure you are Kate. We know you never overreact at all.

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again someone who is suing her for millions.
no, better......................FOR BILLIONS!!

@ abe

Did I miss that in the article somewhere? Who is suing who?