Kate Gosselin Claims Guy is Impersonating Her on Twitter, May Have "Panties in a Wad"

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Kate Gosselin is always beefing with someone, and sure enough, she's gotten involved in a new Twitter feud ... with a man with the last name Gosselin.

The reality star is demanding that she change it immediately.

An irate Kate Tweeted recently at Carlos Gosselin:


“@RealCGosselin it is illegal to impersonate people on twitter etc. please change your ID and email immediately. Thank you. @Support”

Carlos Gosselin hit back at the reality show mom:

“@Support hey can you tell Kate Gosselin to take accept that there are other people with the same last name. She may have her panties in a wad.”


Carlos continued, “So I woke up to this and laughed my ass. Not only that. But it made my whole morning complete. Let me put it up in a picture.”

He added a photo of himself with the caption, “Love you mom.”

He hasn’t changed his name or his email address, either.

Kate is far from pleased with the situation, responding:

“The per impersonating my child (@CGosselin) tweeted ‘love you mom’ 2me. Whether he really has last name or not, it’s impersonation w that tweet!”

"And if it was meant as a joke to me, then I missed the joke - busy being a mom and am CONSTANTLY dealing w ppl impersonating my children! :/”

Sure you are Kate. We know you never overreact at all.


I wish that two bit no talent Gosselyn would just shut the fuck up! Please! Can she just go away? Now it seems you can be famous in America for just laying down and pumping out brats.Luckiest man ever??? HER EX !!!!

Michele joy dingman

and stop using your kids as your reason. The fact is is that you dont want to get your hands dirty working in the real world lady. Im not fooled by you

Michele joy dingman

I cant stand this woman. I had respect for a lady who clearly seemed to have it all together. After seeing the show where she switched with Kendra, I lost all respect for her. She, at every turn during that show, put that girl down in everyway possible. It was like she was trying to convince Kendras husband to divorce her! Kendra, who obviously admired Kate, took every bashing word to heart and let this woman make her feel like she was doing a bad job as a wife and mother. We all get it kate, you got alot to do and alot of kids to take care of. But that also was by your choice! You chose to have all those kids. How dare you act like you are better than anyone else. You are NOT better than anyone. Your just a fame hungry witch that instead of spending quality time with your children...chooses to give them chores instead. That way, instead of you listening to them talk they are kept busy. Having everything done at a certain time of the day and making kids do chores, does not make a great mother. I found her to have no connection with her children other than to dictate instruction like they were a film crew. Shut up


Negative attention is attention I guess...I hope Jon and this author have good luck with the book, and show her true colors


Kate, forget the slime that are always trying to trip you up and not enjoy life. You're a beautiful women with a passal of kids. Just enjoy them, save for their college because they grow up so quickly, you want a smile on your face and not bad thoughts re: A.H. in your old age w/ your g-kids. Love Ya


If you don't like it there are two choices, 1. Ignore it and don't give the person any attention, or 2. Get out of the business. Its all about choices. In my opinion a think a good choice would be get a normal job and be a mom. Your fame has come and gone, do your kids a favor let it go.


Kate, If your kids are the reason for all you do, Why do you need the tan, hair extensions, teeth done, breast aug. bikini's, trips around the world, (business) I know.
your body guard full time. Your full of it. If you saved your money instead of living in a mcmanswion, stayed home with the kids. You would be on easy street. Your life is for you only!!!!


She is being drama queen, which is the only thing that she is good at. He had that name first, and there are tons of people that have the same name, if anything she should change her son's name since he had his name first.


I just don't understand all of you. If she disgusts you and bothers you all so much, then why do you read articles about her and make comments. Is your life that sad and pathetic? You all must just be jealous.


Kate is 100 percent correct. This guy was out of line with his "love you mom" tweet.

@ Jenn

Um, he tweeted that with his picture. Does she not recognize her own children? I know she doesn't spend a lot of time with them, but really...?

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