Kanye West: Home for Sale!

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Got a spare $3.3 million lying around, THGers? Then Kanye West's bachelor pad could be yours!

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The rapper has placed his three-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom mansion on the market today because he's preparing to move into a much larger mansion with Kim Kardashian.

Those two are dating and she is expecting his baby, in case you have not been on the Internet in a few months.

Kanye attempted to sell this same resident in 2010 for more than $4 million and the comparables in the area are going for around $2.5 million. So we'll see what he can pull off.

Kanye and Kim, meanwhile, recently purchased a $9 million home in Beverly Hills. It is 14,000 square feet. Big enough for both their egos!

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Haha! They got all the money in the world! Gosh! What will they do with their new home in Bev? Gosh! $9M? Seriously! http://www.estatechase.com/


Even if he don't sell his home that should not stop him and Kim from finally moving into their home together. This is the time she needs him most he need to be here with her noursihing that baby. It time for him to get his head twist back home straight. It is also time for him to move on and let go of Jay and Beyonce and realize once and for all this is a business world. If he want to make free music, songs and raps then he is in the wrong business. His fans will love him as long as he love hisself. At the moment he is acting to crazy weird. He got to man up now and let the past begone and take care of his new family. Stop trying to Keep Kim from being the business woman she is because first and farmost she loves her mother and family there is not going to be any seperation there. If he cannot understand that then he needs to let her know and move on.


yep, a new born is indeed expensive.