Justin Timberlake Disses Kanye West in SNL Performance: Watch Now!

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Justin Timberlake's Saturday Night Live performance of his new hit "Suit & Tie" contained a subtle response to unexpected hater Kanye West.

Last month at a London concert, Kanye slammed Justin's collaboration with Jay-Z, saying, "I got love for Hov, but I ain't f--kin' with that 'Suit & Tie.'"

So on Saturday night, Timberlake changed the lyrics "S**t so sick got a hit and picked up a habit" to "My hit's so sick, it got RAPPERS acting dramatic."

Smooth and silk.

Later, Jay-Z came out to join the singer on "Suit & Tie." Timberlake, whose 20/20 Project album comes out March 19, delivered huge ratings for SNL.

Game, set, match.

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Kanye is an asshole!! Justin you are an amazing signer/actor!!! Kanye and all the other haters need to go away for GOOD!!


Justin Timberlake is the worst singer out there. No one sounds more like a robot than him. He deserves to be insulted, what a loser. Now that you've come back, please do everyone a favor and go away! This time for good, maybe you can take Britney with you.

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