Justin Bieber Collapses in London, Rushed to Hospital

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Justin Bieber has been rushed to a hospital in London.

The singer reportedly collapsed on stage tonight during a show in O2 Arena, as witnesses took to Twitter immediately upon the incident and said Bieber passed out in the middle of a performance.

Double the Bieber

"He got oxygen from emergency personnel," a rep tells E! News. "He insisted on finishing the show. He is on the way to the hospital right now."

Following the collapse, Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, apparently came out and told attendees that the 19-year-old had been feeling "very low of breath" throughout the concert and was backstage with EMTs.

On two occasions in the past month, Bieber was spotted around town in a gas mask.

He was mocked mercilessly for it, but might that have portended some kind of actual illness?

We'll update this story as news breaks, but send in your prayers for Bieber now!


He's 19, His mommy can't tell him what to do anymore. Maybe hanging out with the punks is taking a toll. Who knows, who cares.


he needs attention from the sissy boy's of america?
those are numerous!!


His mom better take control cause if he's not sick then he's heading down the lilo path. Someone please help this young man

@ Brenda

I agree 100% ! Where us his mother ?
This boy has been milked eversince he became famous.... and obviously he loves the fame, money and he enjoys performing but for God's sake, he's only 19 years old ! He'll be worn out before he reaches 21 ! Where us the mother ????


I can care less about "the biebz" he's been acting like a baby anyways.


I hope he's not seriously ill, hopefully it's just from exhaustion. He needs some down time so he can get well. Health comes first before anything. *Prayers* going out for him.


If he would slow down and stop partying all night he would be fine.


Hey justin you
Know all your fans love you soo much& we want u 2 be better we will pray 4 you!!!after all remember ur song pray???lol well we all know u Would pray 4 us...so we're doing our best for You love you!!😋😋😋

@ Sheyanne v

He isn't going to read your comment here. If you want to send him a message go to his twitter.


Justin please feel better and get well & enjoy life sheyanne


omg On two occasions in the past month, Bieber was spotted around town in a gas mask. OMG OMG OMG THIS IS TRUE ,IF PASS SOMETHING TO JUS i WILL DKIEEEE


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