Justin Bieber Battery Case: Headed for Prosecution

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According to authorities, Justin Bieber will likely face criminal battery charges for his argument with an angry neighbor earlier this week.

As previously reported, the singer was confronted by Jeff Schwartz - a 47-year old father of three - and berated for driving recklessly around the neighborhood.

Both Schwartz, his wife and a third witness claim Bieber spit on his antagonist during the disagreement and had to be restrained by his bodyguard from going after him.

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Los Angeles County Investigators have looked into the incident and will refer the case to the District Attorney, law enforcement insiders confirm to TMZ.

The main reason for prosecution?

Officials believe Bieber's history of disregard for the law - in terms of his driving record and pot smoking - show a pattern of troublesome behavior. They have seen many similar cases in the past of such small law-breaking leading into far more serious conduct down the line.

Regardless of there this case goes legally, those within the Sheriff's Department believe Justin need professional help.


Yes, the Los Angeles police department and prosecutors have done such a wonderful job with Lindsey Lohan. Seems the boy needs help, all right, but those institutions don't have a very good record, as far as I know. Where are the grownups in Justin's world, and how much is what's happening the fault of the media and the numerous Justin haters? All the campaigns against him can hardly be helpful.


Justin shouldn't be doing this he started doing this when he started dating selena its not jelenas fault or is. It?

@ darlene

I totally agree. Justin's ego has gotten so huge he has begun to think he is above the law. Bad sign. He obviously has anger issues as well. Not saying is a bad kid, but he definitely needs help. He is surrounded by enablers who really don't give a crap about him, they only see his money.


Personally...I'm glad someone is finally going to try and teach this little twerp a lesson that clearly his parents forgot to.


Yes this article is straight bullshit, accusing someone of smoking weed when there is no viable proof.

@ Anonymous

They didn't accuse him of smoking week...they yelled at him for driving recklessly around the neighborhood where their children and probably other kids play.


isn't the dead penalty a bit too much?

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