Justin Bieber Apologizes for Lindsay Lohan Diss, Is Only "Human"

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Justin Bieber is taking at least some of it back.

Not long after posting an Instagram rant in which he laid into the press for all its negativity, scoffed at suggestions that he should enter rehab and bragged about his success, the singer has apologized for including Lindsay Lohan in his diatribe.

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Bieber concluded his post by telling all the mean girls "comparing me to Lindsay Lohan [to] look at her 2012 tax statements."

But he then went online and removed that section, releasing a statement that admits it was wrong to go after Lohan's finances.

"My post was only up for a few minutes but I realized right away that what I said at the end was wrong and distracted from what I was trying to say," Bieber said, adding that he "immediately deleted it and rewrote it so it would show that I was really feeling."

And this is what Justin wrote instead:

"All this isn't easy. I get angry sometimes. I'm human. I'm gonna make mistakes. In gonna grow and get better from them. But all the love from you guys overcomes the negativity. I love u. Thanks."

As you might expect, Bieber's fans are staunchly in his corner. They have put together this video to show their support:


Bieber is just a FLASH in the pan, and he like Taylor Swift will be DRIFTING off the Billboard charts in the very NEAR future. Their run of LUCK is almost at its end.


What a tasteless thing to say. . . He needs to check himself.


Such a child- like a two year old, everything is "me! me! me!" and he can't restrain himself for five minutes after something negative happens. Instead he vomits his feelings to the world then has to recant. But unlike a two year old he has money and power. That frightens me. He doesn't need rehab; he needs humility.


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