Jorge Mario Bergoglio Elected Pope; First Latin American Pope to Become Francis I

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Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been elected the Roman Catholic Church's new Pope. The first Latin American to be Pope, he will call himself Francis I.

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    ... ARE YOU IDIOTS DUMB !!!////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// SPANISH SPEAKING PEOPLE ARE'NOT "LATIN" THJEY'RE SEMETIC ,DOPES !!!!
    ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////LATIN IS A WORD THE BELONGS TO WHITE BLONDE EUROPEAN PEOPLE AND REFERS TO THE WHITE LANGUAGESYSTEM ... THE WORD SCANDINAVIA IS LATIN////////////// FOR EXAMPLE .

    @ HOLY SHIT !!!!!

    There's a difference between "Latin" and "Latino". Big difference. First of all, not all Europeans are blond/blonde. "Latino" refers to someone from Latin America, who may or may not speak the Latin-derived language that is the official one of their country.
    Pope Francis can be considered both Latin and Latino-the former because his ancestry traces back to Italy, the core of the Roman Empire, and the latter, as he is from Argentina, a Latin American country.

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