John John Florence: Taylor Swift's Next Love Target?

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The surf might be up for Taylor Swift.

According to Life & Style sources, the singer is "falling fast" for John John Lawrence, a native of Hawaii and a professional surfer.

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Swift, who has embarked on her Red tour and has not been linked to a love interest in weeks, went out of her way to contact Florence, the tabloid alleges, and the two have been "text-messaging" for a couple weeks.

Just how serious is the relationship? Not very, the source says:

“I don’t think they’ve hung out yet. They’ve just been chatting.”

Expect that to change soon, however, Taylor is afraid of ending up alone in a bathtub and is unafraid to admit she is looking for love.

Jerry howe

Eventually she will be ambushed with a sledge hammer. Maybe he is the one. People like her always reap what they sow eventually , and my God, it will hurt badly


If she dyed her hair black and pulled it back in a bun, she'd be a dead ringer for Olive Oyl.


What guy in his right mind would date this girl. She has only had 1 guy she has dated that she had nice things to say about. She publicly humiliates them, why subject yourself to that. Wake up guys!!


Beep Beep.........................Roadrunner, folks!!


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